March 6, 2011

[Hauls] First-ever Haul entry :)

Biore Eye Make-Up Remover
Palty Hair Dyes
Essential Hair Mask
Biore Make-Up Remover

All items from Topshop
Suspender Tights
Foot insoles


Recently I've been very into suspender tights :) They're super pretty and Topshop's got so many designs! I bought two of the same design cuz they're pretty fragile and tend to tear very easily. I miss shopping back in Malaysia/Singapore, everything's so much cheaper and affordable!! Now I"m back in Melbourne and I just can't shop anymore! Friggin currency exchange :(
Not to mention Malaysia's RM is sooo low, everything seems exorbitantly priced and just isn't worth the $$ to buy when you know you can get everything cheaper back home.

This is pretty pointless entry cuz it's not like a review or anything :P I haven't even tried any of the products mentioned above (except for the stuff from Topshop, have used them all). Maybe after I dye my hair using the Palty hair dyes, I'll do a review on them. Pretty interested in the hair color range that they have, if my hair even turns out to be the exact color of that on the box. 

Anyways, sister's out at the Far East Movement concert/clubbing event here in Melbourne! I'm hoping very much that they don't actually turn up! lol!! Don't want her coming home to gloat in front of me =.=

Anyways, hope everyone had an awesome weekend!
Back to assignments for me :(
Curse you Construction Design!!