March 17, 2011

[HAULS] 17032011

Did anyone else go to the VIP SALE @CHADSTONE yesterday??
well, I did :D
there were discounts happening in every single shop!
although not much of a discount, but still, it's still savings =]

Bought this lovely pair of heels (nearly spelt that as hills =.=)
from Wittner :D 
there was a 15% discount on every full-priced item in store.
Still abit pricey but I think it's worth it cuz I really need a new pair of heels
have been using my old pair ever since my Trinity Ball in 2008.
yes! that's how long I use my shoes
And also cuz those pair of heels were super comfy and very very lasting :D

Now I've got a new pair to wear to go clubbing/dinners/balls 
and it adds inches to my petite height

RRP AUD$169.90
= AUD$144.50
sweeeet :D

Did anyone else go shopping last night?
What'd you get? :D