March 30, 2011


Top: Online (
Bottom: Thermal Leggings (can't remember where from)
Bag: Forever New
Shoes: Tuck (Australian Shop on Swanston Street)

Haha. I guess that huge plastic bag is sorta self-explanatory. no?
Well, I initially walked out of the house in heels! hahaha
Yes, I wanted to go shopping in heels =.= HOW STUPID IS THAT???
I mean for me, I can stand walking in heels, but for shoppin it's just stupid.
My feet hurt like after abit of walking (also cuz my shoes were not comfy) and I 
walked into TUCK to get myself a new pair of shoes just to continue on my shopping.
BUT! don't go saying i'm a brat for wasting money.
This pair of shoes is cute and really nice! They were discounted as well :D
Bought it for AUD40 after discount. I've been wearing them regularly as well.
So good money spent I"d say :D

Taken while shopping with my sister at Portmans 2nd Floor.
The lighting there is amazing! Plus the fitting rooms are always less with people.

You can actually see my sister in the background :P

After some shopping which I ended up not getting anything, besides the shoes
met up with friends for dinner at Universals on Lygon Street.
It was karaoke night!
Haven't gone karaoke for the longest of times!! :(
This was also the night where I drank too much and hence inspired my previous blog entry.

too many pictures to upload but just a couple with my babes!
with Ashley and Gwen <3

Ashley, Lou, Gwen, & Felicia

zha bohs! hehe^^
It was an awesome night just singing my heart out and drinking like nobody's business
But i will make sure NEVER to repeat it ever again. It is seriously not awesome to be so drunk
but luckily for me, I still remembered everything I did, so not a total knockout i'd say.
The night brought back so many memories for me and the songs, broke my heart even more.
I was even able to shout out the last part of A.I.N.Y by GEM :O 

Anyways, I'm so free to update my blog at this time of day because I woke up late and missed my tutorial :(
I even purposely stayed up late just to finish up my tute summary 
but nooo, I just HAD to sleep longer and wake up right when class ended
aaahhhh!! Sorry mommy & daddy :(