February 20, 2011

V-Day 2011

Awesome Touch-Screen Focus function from my GF2!

The reason why I was captured by the Lumix GF2 is mainly because of the touch screen auto-focus function that it has. lol! I'm a rather lazy person so the thought that I could focus on whatever I want with just a touch on the screen it just captured me. I've always wanted a rather more professional camera than my personal small compact camera, Sony. That camera's served me well for almost 2years now, taking good shots, but just doesn't give me satisfaction in taking awesome shots.

Without more crap talk, my parents (my Valentines :D) and I ventured out into Singapore to celebrate V-Day! Haha nah, we didn't purposely head out for the celebration, we had to go in to find my camera and to collect our repaired Chanel bag (long story =.=).

Headed over to Funan IT Mall in Singapore and upon checking out tonnes of forums and fishing for the lowest price, I got my beauty at John:316's shop (i think that's the shop's name i kinda forgot). Their service was exceptionally good and buying from them was a good decision. Definitely find them if you're ever in need of a new camera or accessories or even super professional lenses! They've got everything :D

Got my beauty, packaged with the dual kit for SGD$1130 including the warranty, a free small tripod, lens protector, 8GB memory card and the lens cover stick on thingy (don't know what it's really called so we'll just call it that :D)
Maybe there are cheaper deals out ther (DONT TELL ME) but I'm happy with the price and super satisfied with my purchase :D

Here are some mandatory self-shots using my beauty
(major camwhoring from here on XD)

I love the custom color set function. FYI, I upped the brightness level to like almost maximum. haha! hence all my pictures look really bright and fair-like :D 
It's an illusion~

Headed over to Chanel at Ngee Ann City.
Took more test-shots, testing out each and every function.
but still found the auto-focus touch screen the easiest :D

Mommy dearest at the temporary Chanel store

Dinner was great :) The family headed out to the Korean BBQ restaurant aptly named, Korean Kimchi & BBQ Restaurant, near our house. It serves the best korean bbq in JB i reckon. Definitely can't beat even the korean bbq in Singapore, Crystal Jade, but still relatively the best for JB standards :)

Daddy and Mommy! i love you!

another attempt at a professional shot. lol :P
That's my second brother in the blurry background, Jasper :D

With my eldest brother, Kenneth! But we all call him Kenny :D

There was more food but I was too hungry to bother anymore

Till next time

February 19, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

This is pretty late as CNY's already over. but better late than never :D


[was actually sleeping but woke up just to say bye to my two elder brothers who are flying off to Guangzhou today for a week. I wanted so much to say bye cuz I won't be seeing them till July when I return from Melbourne :( but oh well, i didn't get to say bye cuz i woke up a tad bit later. suckz...anyways, i already texted them so i dont feel so bad]

OMG, i just wrote a whole pile of crap. sorry for my digression. 
since i can't really get back to sleep, will update my blog :)

On the way to the reunion dinner with my family.

We headed to our usual reunion-dinner-restaurant, Meisan@Mutiara Hotel. For as long as I can remember, we've always had our reunion dinners either there or at the chinese restaurant at Eden. There was once we had it at the Grand Straits Garden. I really hope we go somewhere new next year cuz I think the popularity of Meisan has really taken its toll on the quality of its food. The food wasn't as fantastic as i remembered :(

OTD; Dress: Jusco Tebrau City [Harajuku]
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: Hush Puppies
Headband: Some accessory shop in City Square,JB

lol to be honest, I get alot of my clothes from that Harajuku brand inside Jusco Tebrau City. the clothes aren't of the best quality, that's why it's cheap but still it looks pretty trendy and i love it :D

Yee Sang!! Sorry for this super unfocused shot, the camera wasn't capable of catching fast-moving objects. lol! we were "low-ing" that yee sang like there was no tomorrow. wtf that doesn't even make sense =.=

My grandmother and i :D She's still super healthy despite her age!

Family photo! Missing many cousins and uncles and aunties and my own sister who was technically still on a plane back from Boston

After dinner, my family headed into Singapore to pick my sister up from the airport. What a night, we actually had to wait at the airport for almost an hour or so cuz my sister lost her baggage on the flight and had to do a lot of paperwork to lodge a report =.=

My aunty cooking! love her famous Sweet & Sour Abalone with Prawns! yumms :)

with Aunty Vanessa and my baby cousin, Jiew Ann :D 

yay! my sister is back :D 

part of the family. taken at my grandparent's house

more shots of me and my sister :)

My siblings and i! I am the shortest, even with my heels on!!! :(

Us with my mommy dearest (and Kak Suria at the back.lol)

me with an auspiciously red cushion :D



On a rather unrelated note, guess who's got a new camera???


February 16, 2011

To my dearest Amy!


(old pic taken during a mutual friend's 21st party @Cabanna, Zon [Jan, 2011])

I luv you my honeyy!!
I've known this awesome babe since pre-school all the way till now! that's almost 16years of friendship :D
I treasure and love this girl to death!
Happy Birthday Amy dearest, I'm flying back soon and we will celebrate together!!
Wait for meee 

I love you Amyyy!
mwahz :*