September 1, 2010


Since I've put my comments to be moderated, I've been very slack in checking if I actually do have any comments, cuz not many people comment on my blog so.... I seldom check it :( sorry to "Anonymous" if I had not answered one of the questions that you posted up before.

And for that, I've compiled almost every question I could find throughout the comments left for me, and have answered them :) Here they are. Most of them are from "Anonymous" not sure if all of them are the same, but would really hoped I answered your questions. Sorry once again! :(

Comments for:  You're Beautiful / He's Beautiful


Comments for: ADVERTORIAL: Super Nudy Brown

Comments for: White iPhone 4!!!

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amanda said...

you should update your blog more often. i really enjoy reading it (:

Michelle said...

thanks! :) am editing my picz to be updated soon!

Anonymous said...

the song 'what should i do ',i think that song sing by the main guy will be better than original girl 1,u can try to search in SOGOU....but it seem like not good quality ....i am very like that song becos the guys sing in the last episode was very very touching....hope u like it

Michelle said...

oh! was it when he sang it to find the girl from amongst the crowd??
yes!! i like that version too :D
thanks for letting me know! will go and find that version =]