September 1, 2010

Short Entry?

As you all know, it's been almost close to 2months since my term break in July, and I went back to Malaysia. I have just gotten around editing some of the pics, but not all of them. This update is super late but just thought I'd share some nice places I visited in Singapore with my family, and a few shopping haul pictures that might interest some readers.

Full detailed entries will be coming soon, but for now, it's just pictures to make this entry visually interesting :]

Massive haul from Sasa :) I love shopping at Sasa back in Malaysia / Singapore because everything's so much cheaper than if I get them from the online store. Not really sure why, maybe cuz of the currency I guess.

Anyway, out of the lot, my favouritest product would have to be the 2 Kate Eyeshadow / Eyebrow Pallette.

Have been using them alternately, depending on my mood, to use on my eyes. FYI, I no longer use eyeliner to line my eyes cuz I find it to be too harsh for day-time make up. The colors from this pallete are sooo pretty! It shines and is really opaque as well :)

Earthy Tones

I love the highlight color for this one. It looks silver, but it actually comes out really shiny and non grey :D

Anyways, more updates coming soon. Stay tuned :D


Since I've put my comments to be moderated, I've been very slack in checking if I actually do have any comments, cuz not many people comment on my blog so.... I seldom check it :( sorry to "Anonymous" if I had not answered one of the questions that you posted up before.

And for that, I've compiled almost every question I could find throughout the comments left for me, and have answered them :) Here they are. Most of them are from "Anonymous" not sure if all of them are the same, but would really hoped I answered your questions. Sorry once again! :(

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