August 7, 2010

ADVERTORIAL: Super Nudy Brown


Alright, being my advert reader, or friends around, you would know that i just LOVE to wear color contact lenses! Especially those that ENLARGE the eyes to make my super small asian-eyes appear somewhat LARGER and deceive people around me to have an opinion of me that "Michelle! Your eyes are so big!" hahaahahha :]

Well, I've been an avid fan of such contact lenses and have been wearing them since 2008. Bought them off countless of online websites, always trying new sites to choose the ones that have the cheapest price, biggest range, and fast delivery. It's especially hard for me to order those from Malaysian websites, cuz mainly, the post just takes super duper long to arrive in Melbourne. SO i'm always scouting around for bigger-based companies in the US or those that operate here in Melbourne.

And recently, countless of online shops are opening up on FACEBOOK! And how lucky am I to have been given the opportunity to actually do a review for the color contact lens. This Facebook-based online shop is very legitimate and has provided excellent services to all their clients, just check out their FACEBOOK PAGE by clicking HERE. They are a Melbourne based shop but ships overseas as well. Their delivery was super quick and service and communication is very efficient. They are friendly and very helpful.

They sent me an email and kindly asked if I would be happy to do a review entry for them and I said YES! I mean, I loveeee colored contact lenses, and this is just great cuz now I can get them for free! :D
They sent me 2 pairs to review. Have been wearing one of them for almost 2months now and I have no problems with it at all :D

Here it is, sent to me, nicely wrapped in bubble wrap :)


They let me choose which 2pairs I'd like to review on, and I chose Super Nudy Brown and Barbie Eye Gray.

This review will be on the Barbie Eye Super Nudy Brown

As can be seen in the picture:
This lenses are HUGE!
Diameter: 16.0mm (normal colored contact lenses that give slight enlargement is only 14.6~14.8mm)
please do NOT be afraid of the diameter!! it is not scary at all!
Water Content: 48% (that is much higher than other brands like geo, dueba etc. that only has 38%)

The color is slightly less brown that I'd like it to be. Does give off abit of a grey-ish look. but, nevertheless, still very very pretty :D

Here you can see it's more brown.

Process of how to open. Pictures explain everything.
NEVER store the colored contact lenses with the provided liquid, it is NOT suitable for storing. 
ALWAYS SOAK the lenses in SALINE SOLUTION before putting them on!!

BEFORE (orange toilet light)

AFTER (orange toilet light)

AFTER (in natural sunlight)

See? The large diameter does not give you a very "scarily-enlarged-eyes". In fact, I LOVE how big it makes my eyes look. It may get abit of used to if you are changing from the Geo Angel which is only 14.8mm in diameter, but the effect of this 16.0mm lenses is much better and really gives you that Dolly-Eyed look. I am impressed and VERY MUCH in love with it! :D

Here's with and without side by side.
the BEFORE picture was taken months ago. It was one of the few "non-makeup" pictures I took.


The huge difference in the water content of this lens, IMO, makes this pair of lenses super comfortable to wear. They don't get dry as quickly as other brands I've used like Geo Angel series or Geo Nudy series.

Obviously, because I wear them everyday, and most times I exceed the suggested time of 8-HOURS, so they tend to feel dry after long hours of wear.

There is this one incident, that SHOULD NOT be followed by anyone, that I slept with the contact lens while I was on the plane back to Singapore. Wore it for the whole day + slept with it + took it off the next day afternoon = MORE THAN 24HOURS of wear, it felt soooo dry but eye drops made it better.
AND yet, even after that crazily long amount of hours of wearing them, my eyes did NOT get infected or anything. 



AFTER (taken with the flashlight. I love how the color of my lenses look like here :D )

Under natural sun light.


Overall, I've been wearing these lenses since June till now, August. It's been almost 3months to be exact and I have NO PROBLEMS with this lens at all!
  • Comfort: 4/5 (I hardly ever feel dry except after over 9~10 hours of wearing them)
  • Enlarged-Eyes Effect: 5/5 (I LOVEEE this size! it is sooo naturally big :D)
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Just stick to the recommended 8 HOURS of contact lens wearing, and these pair of contact lens will be perfect for those that want those dolly doll-eyed-looking-eyes :D

Thank you so much ASIAN STUFF SHOP once again for sponsoring me with this wonderful pair of contact lenses :)


p/s: Their latest website! Congratulations on the opening :D ASIAN STUFF SHOP


wendiie ♥ said...

Those lenses look gorgeous on you! =)

Anonymous said...

what mascara do you use? your lashes look lovely <3

Michelle Chin said...

Hello the other michelle. :)

Anonymous said...

hmm..what's the point of having a comment box when you don't even reply to questions that people post?

Michelle said...

Hey! I wish there was a "reply" button function here.
Thanks peeps! And hello the other Michelle :D haha
I will have a full list of products that I used on a blog entry soon.
sorry to "Anonymous" for not replying. I'm using Kate's Wax Mascara =)