July 29, 2010

White iPhone 4!!!

oh nooo!! More delay news for the White iPhone 4 again!!
At first, according to US news, Steve Jobs said the white iPhone 4 will be out mid july or end of july, which meant sometime approximately mid August for Australia.
But now, it seems he has now announced that it'll be released sometime later of the year! holy SHIT!!

here are the links for you to read up: (or u can just google "when whill the white iphone 4 be released?)




And about those antenna/reception problem, I really don't give a damn. hahahaha. just like this guy:


Should I just forgo the wait for the white iphone 4 and just get the black one???
aaaahhhh~ I wanted the white one sooo badly :(

I also am going to change my phone number, cuz i'll be changing my phone provider to Optus. Will no longer be on 3. Yes, I could always just get the number from 3 but cuz it's under my sister's name, the transfer will only take effect next month, which is just 3days away, but I can get the iphone TODAY! TONIGHT! AT MIDNIGHT! for Optus providers!!

July 27, 2010



I just got back home from a surprise date from my baby :)
Had dinner at Kobe Jones@Docklands and it was a wonderful dinner!
But more on that later. This is just a short update.

everybody MUST WATCH IT!!!

I am not kidding! It's sooo intense, exciting, and it really gets you to rack your brains.
hahahha, even now I'm still thinking about it, whether anything I think about the movie is right. lol!

Anyways, Leonardo Dicaprio is the BEST actor ever i think! He can act sooo well and you really feel what he is acting out. A true wonderful, versatile actor! I still remember I LOVED him as Jack Dawson in TITANIC!!! hahahha! That movie was epic!
To make matters worse, on top of my sickness, I've got a 10am lecture tomorrow and I thought it was at 12!! :( and to add further on to my misery, my audition that takes place during the first week of lesson is TOMORROW!!! I'm still sick for goodness sake! how to sing??? :(

Please prayyy for me! I need to get into this subject! So I can bring up my average! I intend to go on a bridging programme!! Pls don't fail me now vocal chords!!