June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day n Happy Birthday to Jasper! :D

Almost every year, my brother's, Jasper, birthday falls on Father's Day. I used to always make a joke to myself (well not really a joke more like just a comment la) that the next time he gets married, he can just celebrate his birthday + Father's Day together. hahahah (lame =.=)

Anyway, recently my mom has been posting up huge loads of our young photos up onto her facebook (don't bother trying to search for her, you can't find her on facebook) and it has really made me feel all nostalgic and really home sick for some moments. I remember when we were young, we always go on family trips and cuz we're so young and stupid, we laugh and play together almost everytime. lol!
But as time goes by, one by one we all grow up, and the games and stuff we used to do just gets outdated and sooner or later, we just don't do it together anymore. For example, roller blading :(

Anyway, I wanna spend this time to dedicate this entry to both my Father and my brother!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASPER!! (don't wanna say your age in case u wanna keep it secret :P)

Daddy and Me =]
Celebrating my 1st Birthday. lol!
Look at how spastic i look.
Daddy looks handsome and I look soooo small~

Here he is trying to teach me how to ride a bike!
BUT!! unfortunately, don't know if I've got a slow slow brain, but I never succeeded in mastering the ride-biking skill. lol. but thanks daddy!
I remember everytime the familly goes to Desaru for trips, everyone else would be riding away on their bikes (stupid Kenny Jasper and Melissa never bother to wait for me!!) but my daddy would be behind holding on the bike for me trying to make me master the bike-riding skill. lol.
Mom would be upfront taking care of the rest of the brood.

LOL! I just HAD to post this picture up.
I look like a friggin small astronaut! Damn effin' cute I WAS :( How sad that I ain't that cute anymore.
My brothers and sister used to fight over hugging me, now they just fight with me. hahaha.
no la, we're still loving and they love me :D

(the date's wrong, i was 4years old, so it was 1994)

My daddy has always been there for me. He loves us and takes care of us in his own way, very subtle but never short of love and tenderness. My daddy may seem to be a fierce man, but he is infact the funniest dad I have ever encountered. I've seen dads TRYING to be funny and tell jokes, but no offence, their jokes just suck as.
I know my father loves me alot, because no matter what i choose to do with my life, no matter how stupid or time consuming it is, my daddy still supports me and only wants me to be happy. I'm really touched and I really am very proud to have such a wonderful daddy!

I Love You Daddy!!

And the other important person is none other than my elder brother, Jasper! :)

No matter the age gap that we have (not that many years also la) but we still are close and loving. I remember this one time, i shouted at Jasper over a Yupi! Burger and after that I cried and felt so bad. I was super young and stupid. I was saving the last piece of Yupi!Burger, the bun part of the burger for Melissa, and Jasper wanted to take to eat it, but i shouted at him saying that it was for Melissa!
lol, I guess i love Melissa alot, cuz she was coming back from a camping trip i think, but not that I didn't love Jasper, it was just I was young and stupid. lol. Melissa didn't even eat the burger i think, I ended up eating it =.=
But anyway, back to the point. I felt soooo bad till I can even remember it till now. Must've been very traumatic for myself. haha. Don't know Jasper remember or not.
But Happy Birthday anyway, and I love you too :D

hahahahaha. damn spastic!

Me, Jasper, Kenny, Melissa and my dearest mommy :D

Taken in 2009 =]





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Jasper Cheng said...

Hey Michelle~! Thanks for putting a dedication to your fat brother on your blog! I dun remember that Yupi Burger incident though haha :P