June 10, 2010


I've been neglecting this blog! Yes it's that time again where exams are just around the corner (next Friday is my first paper) and it's during these such times that I have the sudden urge to update my blog =.= How ironic is that. Whenever I have all the time in the world, I'd just end up NOT updating my blog because I find I've got tooo much time for myself to do that. However, when I'm crammed up and jammed up with so much stuff to read and study, I find myself wanting to exercise my fingers and update my blog with silly ramblings.

Exams are seriously a pain in the arse! I stay up late every single day and sleep whenever the sun rises and wake up when the sun sets =.= Then I head to the library with my boyf and study till it closes. It's an ongoing cycle that has become my habit now. AND! Whenever I study, I just LOVE to eat snacks like these:

Deli Honey Soy Chicken Potato Chips

Sour Squirms

Doritos Nacho flavoured

All these snacks!! (Yes I Googled the images) and I normally eat more than 1packet of the sour squirms! All these plus late nights studying plus stress = MASSIVE SIZED ZITS on FOREHEAD AND NOSE!!! :(

I can't even scratch or move my nose properly because that huge ass zit hurts everytime I move it. 

I dugged out some of my old photos. Was browsing through them and I suddenly realised I am getting older and older every day! My skin is not as youthful or smooth or radiant as before. Now I have huge pimples popping up here and there, large pores + blackheads + dark eye bags! Not only is my complexion worse, so is my hair! My hair is dry and dull as hell. It lacks lustre and not bouncy or shiny at all!

Shiny, healthy hair! Better complexion (comparing to mine now) :(
How old am I in this picture?
Albeit I look like crap here, but I find this picture rather nice cuz it shows the glow of my complexion off that shine on my nose. hahahaha. and NO it's not oily!

I also find that I'm a Poser =]

I also cannot wait for the new iPhone 4!!!

I am getting the WHITE ONE!!!!

This is longer than my lectures but I watched through it all, skipping only just a few parts :)



suelynn said...

man, I can't believe I watched all 3 of your videos.

and i'm totally sold.


Aggie said...

i thought my exams start quite late but yrs is even later than mine! haha! ehh, study hard k?! transfer to the same course as me next sem :D and i love that deli honey soy chicken chips too! my fav aussie chips! haha. i want to get iphone 4g too.. at first, i thought the black one's nicer but after watching yr videos..looks like the white one is so much more classy! :D good luck for examssss mwaks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle! ;)
Your hair is amazing! Are you interested to do a tutorial on both make up and hair extention?