April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday KitYan!

Dedicated to my best friend, KitYan

Thank you for always being there when I needed someone to comfort and support me. 
You have practically walked through all those phases of my teenager life with me.
Through the times when we both first started putting on eyeliner (we looked like indonesian maids!) and actually thought we looked chio! hahahah

And the times when we both started to dress up (trying to get into the punk/goth side) and hang around City Square.

And the times when we both got into the art of curling hair (now I can't, and you're just lazy hahahahah)

We have shared sooo many memories together and we will continue to share even more in the future because our friendship, no matter how far we are apart from each other, will never weaken. You will forever be my best friend, the only girl that truly understands me and I thank you for being there for me.
I hope I have done the same and that you feel that I have been there for you as well. I may not be around to celebrate your birthday with you now, but wait for me! hahaha, I will be back soon :D

Love you always babe!


1 comment:

kityan said...

hahahha. ugly pictures lorrr... anyway. THKS!!! love u deep deep. hahaah