April 24, 2010

My Dresser + Shelf


Don't know why, I was supposed to do my pile of laundry today, but the mess on my dressing table detered me away from my actual task, and made me have this sudden urge of wanting to make my dresser look pretty. So, I took out all of my make up from the drawer and put it all out on the table. And only now do I notice how much make-up stuff I actually own but NEVER used before or used only once or twice.

Everyday, I use the same make-up routine and have never changed or alternate between products, mainly cuz I don't have the time to sit there and choose which products to use, I just take whatever I am used to using and draw my face. 

Never knew I had these =.= I always use my Kate Eyeshadow Set.




Once I completed my dresser, I looked around and saw my bedroom looking very dull and it sorta needed a re-decoration. Obviously my room's too small so not much of the furniture arrangement could be done, so I just moved small shelf and containers around.
Moved that black shelf from my toilet out to my room. Looks better now cuz like it's not just a plain white corner but now its too ugly cuz the items on the shelf sorta mismatched? Who the hell puts toiletries INSIDE the bedroom? So, 


  • Upper-top Shelf: Bear [present from my baby], Kumiki Doll [also from b], and the Fragrance Diffuser thingy (which I replaced with water sprayed and mixed with my Anna Sui perfume, so my room smells super sweet and nice now =] )
  • Second Shelf: All my perfumes and sticker photos from Malaysia.
  • Third Shelf: This I was unsure what to put, so i put my hand lotion and body lotions together with my hair wax and Polaroid camera there. Weird enough combination? hahaha.
  • Fourth Shelf: I put my accessories here. Ribbon + Flower + Earrings + Spectacle Frames + Hair Tie
  • Fifth Shelf: Small clutch bags. Place them there so I can choose what bag to match with my clubbing outfit. Never have enough time to find and choose my clubbing bag cuz I'm always rushing. 
Can u believe that all this clearing and cleaning and re-arranging actually took me up to almost 4hours to do it? I started at around 4-ish and finished around 7:30-ish. Incredible!!

April 23, 2010


I am seriously neglecting this blog. To be honest, if not for the incoming adverts on my blog by Nuffnang, I wouldn't have the motivation to blog. I've been on a hiatus for a while. Lack the inspiration or the time to blog about anything. Not that my life is not interesting enough, just that I'm lacking behind and slowly and slowly more and more pictures and events i gotta blog about, and the thought of it just makes me lazy and totally uninspired on where to start.

To start things off, this is a SUPERLY OVERDUED post.
By now, almost everyone has already seen my hair color so I don't know why i'm still updating on it. but here it is anyway.

Almost a month ago now, I went to Sui Hair Salon @ Russell Street with my sister for a haircut and color. Couldn't stand my roots being all black and all my friends know this, I have tonnes of white hair. It just grows out from my left side more so than the right. I don't even study that much or think that much so I just blame genetics. hahaha :)

Anyway, I found this salon to be very modern and I actually went there to had my hair cut the first time i chopped off my hair. Click Here! I kinda liked the way they cut my hair so I went back to that place but this time, I changed my stylist. I asked for Sunny who's a korean lady and she is SUPER FRIGGIN PRETTY!! She looks like one of those K-Pop singers. Really thin and pretty, features sharp as hell and totally natural i can tell, no work done whatsoever. LUCKY GENES!!

Sat down and waited for Sunny to be available, while waiting the other stylists came over to help us sort of decide what hair color to dye. They were all so helpful and really cute, cuz they're all Korean and the way the speak is really cute. hahaha. The guy that was helping me, he speaks so cute and he actually remembered me from before as "the-girl-who-wanted-the-2NE1-hairstyle" hahahahhaa! Hilarious that he still remembered. After much deliberation and almost about 45minutes of just deciding what hair color to do, I chose number 710 i think that was the color. or however you number it. It was a ashy-green brown type of color that requires bleaching.

In the process of bleaching :)

Took this in their toilet, had to go for a toilet break after sitting there for almost an hour!

My baby bought me sushi!! He knew I hadn't eaten yet cuz I woke up late and headed straight to the salon, so he bought me sushi and surprised me! Totally sweeet~~~ Even my hair stylists said he's so sweet :) I love my baby! 

What it looks like after bleaching and blow-dried. hahaha! I used this picture before to scare my mom, and she was shocked as hell! hahahahha :D

So after a total of almost 3hours worth of bleaching+coloring+haircut, this is the end result:
Took it in the salon's toilet. LOVED THE HAIR COLOR THEN!!!!

Few more camwhore shots, with flash and without:
Without flash

With flash


and now, after about almost a month, my hair color has faded :( Had to expect that to happen cuz that kind of hair color lasts a very short time unfortunately. But luckily it hasn't faded to like a seriously orangey-yellow. It's now a different color but I still like it :D

April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday KitYan!

Dedicated to my best friend, KitYan

Thank you for always being there when I needed someone to comfort and support me. 
You have practically walked through all those phases of my teenager life with me.
Through the times when we both first started putting on eyeliner (we looked like indonesian maids!) and actually thought we looked chio! hahahah

And the times when we both started to dress up (trying to get into the punk/goth side) and hang around City Square.

And the times when we both got into the art of curling hair (now I can't, and you're just lazy hahahahah)

We have shared sooo many memories together and we will continue to share even more in the future because our friendship, no matter how far we are apart from each other, will never weaken. You will forever be my best friend, the only girl that truly understands me and I thank you for being there for me.
I hope I have done the same and that you feel that I have been there for you as well. I may not be around to celebrate your birthday with you now, but wait for me! hahaha, I will be back soon :D

Love you always babe!