March 11, 2010

Subject Change

Thursdays are usually a free day for me, but I just received an email from the subject co-ordinator for Macroeconomics stating that my application for that subject may be approved!!! :D
Hence, I gotta go see him today before the lecture. And upon telling me of all the risks and dangers that might happen to me because I did not do the pre-requisite for that subject, Intro. Microeconomics, then he will almost likely approve.

I'm kinda scared of what might happen, What if I don't do well in that subject? And I'd be with all the 1st year students, which means I'd be somewhat the oldest!! :(
But Macroeconomics is good, better than Product Management I guess. Didn't really like Marketing to begin with. Too much readings and case analysis. But, I guess i'll make my decision after attending the lecture today. Anyone who's going to the 3:15pm lecture at the Old Arts building, do tell me and sit with me!

Gotta go soon, just finished editing and uploaded shitloads of pictures of my trip to Metung up on Facebook. Will update here on my blog soon :D

Stay tuned!

p/s: Product Management or Macroeconomics???


Aggie said...

haha ure not the oldest la babe! Im doing this subject as well! U know kok keong? He's taking this subject too..but im skipping today's lecture! Haha, take this subject laa, then i can see u in lecturesss :)

tiffany said...

mich! :) you don't really need to know micro to do macro. i've done both and it isn't really related too much at all so it should be fine! don't worry about it. if you're starting with macro, just make sure you get the textbook for reference cause the notes aren't really enough. :)