March 28, 2010

Archi studies

Omg!!it's a Sunday!and I'm at school now doing research when I could be comfortable sleeping snuggled up in my bed having wonderful beautiful dreams of me having even more sleep but nooo,I'm here at uni :(

Look at the amount of stuff I've gotta read?!!!!

Been here from 12:30 till now.not ganas as Nhuy who's been here from 10!!!hahaha!crazy hardworking girl.

Plus the air-conditioning here is freezing my butt off! :( so unmotivated!!! But I am glad baby's coming over to be with me n to make sure that I eat.haha he's so sweet.he called to ask if I've eaten,n I told him not yet n he straight away he said he'll come now to take me to eat!awwww~ so sweet.lovey lovey =]

This is my friend Nhuy studying~

Haha and I asked her to take me :)


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1 comment:

Aggie said...

im in uni too but im very unefficient. lol.