February 12, 2010


Thinking of a change in hairstyle and color.

I'm up this late because I can't sleep.
Exam stress + confusion + frustration + discomforts + that time of the month
Terrible sleepless night that causes tonnes of 'google-ing' and procrastination :(

Why does this have to happen now?
Of all times, now, when I'll be sitting for my exam soon.

 I'm sick.

Deleted my chatbox, leave comments =)
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February 4, 2010

Overdue Entries :P

Christmas Eve 24th December 2009

Headed out to Singapore Takashimaya, Crystal Jade Restaurant, with parents and Melissa for dinner :) I must say, it was a very delicious dinner. Dad was feeling generous :D
Didn't take pictures of the food though I can't really remember why. The jam to get INTO Singapore was terrible. Almost a 2-hour wait just to cross the causeway, and an hour wait just to get into the Takashimaya carpark! Massive amount of people on Orchard Road that night! There wasn't even a Christmas Parade or anything, people were just standing around and stopping at certain spots just to take pictures. And others followed suit, hence causing the huge PEOPLE JAM. Couldn't even walk anywhere, people would practically be pushing against each other just to walk like 5cm from your original spot =.= crazy shit.

I just had a haircut a week ago or so, my fringe was cut really too short, so I clipped it up with a massive bow! :)

Dinner at Crystal Jade.

Few days later, I attended my cousin's wedding, also in Singapore. I can't remember where's the hotel or what it's called, but it's a pretty old hotel. Been there in Singapore for a very long time. The decoration and interior designs of the hotel was seemingly old, but still classy and elegant.

Melissa, looking all posh and glam :)

Sister, Me and Mommy :)

While waiting for the dinner to start, we arrived at 7:30, the dinner only started at 9.
Luckily I predicted this long wait, and had a few paus to eat before the wedding.

Melly and Michelle

Mommy and me. I seriously look weird!

Still no food on our table! :'(

p/s: Melly's back in Melbourne!