January 25, 2010

Updates soon!

My 19th Birthday!

This is a way overdue post, but I will update on it soon :D
Till then, I'm off to bed!


January 7, 2010

New Years Eve and New Years Day 2010

31st December 2009

New Year's Eve, the day I usually spend counting down with my family infront of the TV at home. Watching the Channel 5 'live' broadcast of the countdown party. Memorable times. This year (2009) however, was different. I was actually allowed to go out and party, in JB!
Really shocked at how my dad so easily agreed to let me go. Those close to me would know I can rarely go out in JB, especially not out to clubs.

Met up with Amy at her house, and we departed for the club, Cabanna. Her mother was very kind to fetch us there. Unfortunately, there was this massive huge jam all the way towards the club, all due to the stupid police road block. Ended up counting down in the car with Amy and her mother. haha :P
Around 11:40pm, baby called from Macau, just to talk with me through to 2010. Eventhough he was super hungry and stuck at his French fine-dining-small-portioned-meal, he perservered to continue to talk to me till midnight 2010. Reception was pretty bad and the noise over on his end was super loud. I could hear the music being played at the background, and the counting down. Anyways, it was super nice and sweet to be able to countdown with him :)

Fireworks started in JB earlier than in Macau. Got out from Amy's mom's car, and started walking to the club. Massive amount of people all along the road, catching full view of the fireworks that was set off just by the seaside, beside the club. Manage to catch a few snaps of the fireworks through my iPhone

Entered the club and met up with the rest of the group. Haven't seen so many of them in almost 3years, eversince I left high school. Great to catch up with them, although they did call me FAT!!! :(
It was too crowded and hot to even take any pictures, I only managed to take ONE! and it's with Amy, not even a group photo =[

Amy and Me =)
I photoshopped on more eyeliner and eyeshadows + eyebrows on myself. I was sweaty and my eyebrows were gone! lol. Luckily I brought along a hairband with me, pushed up all my fringe, away from my sweaty sticky face.
Left the club after one or close to two hours in there, headed out and waited for my sister to send both me and Amy home.
Reached home around 3:30am cuz of the jam back home!! and slept around 5am.
The next day, I had to wake up at 8am/9am to get ready to meet up with the girls to go into Singapore!! can u imagine??

1st January 2010

Successfully woke up at 8 and got ready for the Singapore trip :)
KitYan came to pick me up, along with her bf. Dropped us off at the immigration and off we went to meet up with the rest.
The ride into Singapore was smooth and pleasantly cooling. Fully air-conditioned bus, that, I am truly thankful for =]
Met up with HuiKheng and took and MRT towards Bugis to have our lunch.

On the MRT with my babe! KitYan

KitYan, Me and HuiKheng

HuiKheng came up with the idea of everyone bringing along a present, to have a present exchange. I, unfortunately, didn't have the time to get a present and hence, didn't get any present in return as well :( haha. But it was super sweet and funny to see them exchanging presents and being happy while opening them. =]

MingWei, Kimberly, KitYan, Me, HuiKheng and YeeWei eating at Crystal Jade La Mian something something Restaurant :D

Poor JiaLe, she wasn't feeling well but we all forced her to come out and hang with us, under the reason that I was flying back to Melbourne the next day. After hearing that, she came out straight away to find us!! awwww~ :D hahahaha, she loves me!!
She is friggin' thin and has grown so much taller!! How the hell does she do it????

At East Coast Park, KitYan, Me and Kimberly's slippers in the seawater :)
The following pics were all taken AFTER the 1hour 30minutes of bike riding.
No, I didn't ride a bike cuz I do not now how to. I sat on the double bike with KitYan :D
Few pictures of the bike riding can be seen here (KitYan's blog)

Ma lovely lovely BFF!!!

Kimberly :)

KitYan, KImberly n Me

LOL at KitYan! haha :P

JiaLe and me. Picture taken by HuiKheng, super love this picture cuz she took it at such a flattering angle of me =]
makes me look so much slimmer than my actual self. hahahaha

Me and YeeWei

MingWei has seriously super good skin! Fair and yet, pinkish too!!


Group Photo before I headed off to ION@Orchard to meet up with my sister to head back home into JB.

I miss my girls~
can't wait to see them when I'm back in JB