November 8, 2009

Short Entry

This is how I style my hair on certain days. When I'm lazy to style it, I'd just pin the long ends to the back :)

Super short entry for me to kill my 'break-time' from my Reshaping Essay :( I've successfully written half of the required word minimum and I'm pretty confident I'll be writing way over the word minimum, which is really good cuz it's always NEVER good to be UNDER the word minimum.

I've got heaps of stuff to update on (i've been saying that in almost every entry that i post. lol!)
but yes, I'll get around to posting some really really old updates that are waay overdue once my exams are over and my holidays officially start!

Final Paper : Japanese 1B 13th November!!
and then I'm officially FREE!!!
Right now I gotta focus and finish up my essay, which is due on the 9th (Monday)

So, wish me luck for my essay and exams!