September 15, 2009

VIdeo Blog

YANWEN: Ehhh! I know what you can do for your blog!
ME: What?
YANWEN: Start a video blog! Teach ppl how to curl hair!
ME: There are already so many videos on utube, who wanna see mine o. I also paiseh to do one la. my curling skills also not that geng! hahahah
YANWEN: no la, I like yours wat!

awwwwwww~!!! hahahhaha!
YanWen! You are TOOOO NICE!!! :D
I Lurve U and Miss u loadz!!


♥ChaLoTte♥ said...

its a gd idea~
i look forward to ur video~
r u goin to hav video blog?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its a good idea!! Luved the videos u did previously (quite a while ago). Maybe can teach how us how u draw your big and pretty eyes :)

Anonymous said...

oops typo...its supposed to be "Maybe you can teach us how to draw the eyes big and pretty like yours"

Anonymous said...

LOL, Michelle, U should start a video blog on how to do ur eyes makeup XD