September 14, 2009


I have lost all inspiration or motivation to blog.
Completely lost the excitement in taking pictures of EVERY SINGLE thing that I do.
Don't see the point because my life ain't that interesting at all!

Those who know me as a cam-whorer,
I swear to you! I have not takan more than 10pictures of myself this entire 2months!
Haven't been going anywhere special or exciting that it would require an actual entry for.
unless you consider my assignments worth mentioning? that will make like a whole 10entries.
Assignments are making me crazy! So much work! So little time!
I've got ONE more hurdle to pass before i finally make it to the end:
my 2weeks of Mid-semester break
(which is actually just a study week)
Haven't been clubbing or partying either.
Lost the excitement of that too. I don't know why.
I just turned of legal age not too long ago, I should be enjoying and partying like crazy!
But I think something is really really really wrong with me,
I don't see the point in it anymore, nor do i see the fun of it.
Maybe i just have not been in the mood for it.
I just feel tired and sleepy every single day!

Well, here goes my failed attempt in actually updating my blog with something interesting.
I have totally nothing to post about, and this post is totally pointless!
That's it!