September 15, 2009

VIdeo Blog

YANWEN: Ehhh! I know what you can do for your blog!
ME: What?
YANWEN: Start a video blog! Teach ppl how to curl hair!
ME: There are already so many videos on utube, who wanna see mine o. I also paiseh to do one la. my curling skills also not that geng! hahahah
YANWEN: no la, I like yours wat!

awwwwwww~!!! hahahhaha!
YanWen! You are TOOOO NICE!!! :D
I Lurve U and Miss u loadz!!

September 14, 2009


I have lost all inspiration or motivation to blog.
Completely lost the excitement in taking pictures of EVERY SINGLE thing that I do.
Don't see the point because my life ain't that interesting at all!

Those who know me as a cam-whorer,
I swear to you! I have not takan more than 10pictures of myself this entire 2months!
Haven't been going anywhere special or exciting that it would require an actual entry for.
unless you consider my assignments worth mentioning? that will make like a whole 10entries.
Assignments are making me crazy! So much work! So little time!
I've got ONE more hurdle to pass before i finally make it to the end:
my 2weeks of Mid-semester break
(which is actually just a study week)
Haven't been clubbing or partying either.
Lost the excitement of that too. I don't know why.
I just turned of legal age not too long ago, I should be enjoying and partying like crazy!
But I think something is really really really wrong with me,
I don't see the point in it anymore, nor do i see the fun of it.
Maybe i just have not been in the mood for it.
I just feel tired and sleepy every single day!

Well, here goes my failed attempt in actually updating my blog with something interesting.
I have totally nothing to post about, and this post is totally pointless!
That's it!


September 7, 2009

KL Trip JULY 2009 : Part 2 :)

HAHAHAHA! I've got a 2,000 word report on "Sustainability" due this Thursday,
but, here I am anyway, updating my blog because I don't particularly feel like doing the report
Haven't even started! But somehow i always feel like i've got alot of time =.=

So as the title goes,
Here's the continuation from PART 1 which u can view by clicking here!

I seriously LOVE to shop at Forever 21!
And yes! JB doesn't have a Forever 21 outlet! DO NOT DISCRIMINATE!! :D
Singapore has though, it's just across the causeway and it's super convenient,
but that's not important.

Tried on this lovely flowery dress!
I actually really loved it and really wanted to get it!
But Melissa, thanks to her! She was feeling shitty that day and hence, didn't give me solid advice!
she said it wasn't nice! :(
so i ended up not getting it.

Did however cam-whored for abit in the changing room with our shiny + glittery hairbands :)
We got the Silver-colored one. (the one on my head)

We spent like I think almost 2hours there just browsing through the racks
But, you know what? To be seriously honest, it was quite disappointing!
The clothes were really just ok-ok looking with a few exceptional ones, like the dresses.
but other than that, it was just okay.
So didn't really spend much there.

Headed over to The Loaf for tea-time, and also to rest our tired aching legs.
Then headed back to the hotel to catch some shut-eye.
Mom woke me up half an hour later for some shopping at KLCC

Managed to meet up with YanWen!!
haven't seen her in such a long time!! missed her so much!
I envy her!!!
Pretty pretty YanWen and Me =)

UBER-LY sweeet couple~ :D
Daniel and YanWen

Look at my FAT FACE compared to hers!!! shittttt :(

I photoshopped my arms here! Can't stand it looking sooo fat beside hers!
hahahaha :P

Of ALLL the times that I've been up to KL,
I have NEVER taken a picture of the cities most iconic building,
My camera's quality is super good la can?! hahahhaha :P

The next morning, went back down for the buffet breakfast!
I'm soooo certain that that extra few kilos i gained over the holidays were mainly due to the buffet breakfasts! I'm sure of it!!

And off we went, back to JB on Monday!

Last picture before leaving the super nice hotel!
Just realised that my hair was actually quite long ~.~
why do i always cut my hair, when i want it to grow long??!

September 6, 2009

SUSHI MAKING: Missmcmuffin's Recipe :)

Beautiful-looking and extremely delicious :P
Sushi made by both me and Melissa, with a little help from Jasper
Taught to us by our dearest dearest mother :D

So, these are the ingredients that you will need:
  • 4 cucumbers
  • 4 carrots
  • as many sausages as you want (according to how many sushi pieces you'd like to make)
  • japanese sushi rice
  • 4eggs
  • sesame oil
  • salt
  • seaweed

  • Add a few teaspoons full of sesame oil and a dash of salt into the rice. To give the rice it's fragrant and delicious taste. I personally tend to put in more salt to give the rice abit more of flavour, but it's totally up to you.
  • Crack and beat the eggs together. Beat till the egg yolks are evenly mixed or till the mixture turns generally yellow.
  • Fry the eggs and fry the sausages. Boil carrots.

  • Next, while waiting for the carrots to cool down from boiling, cut the cucumber into rather thin strips. Not too thick or too thin because you'd need to place the ingredients inside the sushi for rolling.
  • Do the same to the carrots, eggs and sausages. All cut up into strips.

  • You may want to use a paper towel to soak up the oil from the sausages first before cutting them into strips. Less fattening that way. haha :)

  • Place seaweed onto the bamboo rollers (I can't remember the exact word for it)

  • Place rice. Spread it out evenly across the seaweed. DO NOT put too much rice! Otherwise the sushi would be really really fat!

  • Place the ingredients onto one side of the seaweed. You can put as many ingredients as you'd like, but for me, I always place 4 sausage: 3 eggs: 2 cucumber: 2 carrot ratio.

  • Roll em' up! :D (TIP: Dip your fingers in sesame oil, it sorta helps prevent the rice from sticking to your fingers :D)

  • Once you've come to the end of your sushi roll, rub sesame oil all over the sushi, to help the seaweed to stick together. Especially at the ends, squish them together to form a sort of pointed shape.

  • And finally, CUT and SERVE :)

Super simple! yet super delicious!!!
do try it!
and if any of you do ACTUALLY try it, let me know how it turns out :D