August 11, 2009

KL Trip during July Part 1

I have soo many self-shots of myself, taken after Ashley's bday party,
hence, i shall slowly slowly use all of the pictures up, at the start of every new entry :D

This entry is a so overdue, but still, I want to blog about it :)

So, we went up to KL (Kuala Lumpur) for a 3-day trip.
Basically for the weekend, to get some shopping done,
and to get some important medical books for Melissa
First up before the trip, we went to Restaurant Buddys
to eat the most delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice!!

The absolutely mouth-watering Chicken Rice that is just one of a kind!
I soooo missed this when I was in Melbourne, and now that I'm back in Melbourne, I miss it!!
It's sooo delicious! People from JB who have NOT tried this,
you are seriously missing out on the goodness of life :P

So after lunch, headed into the car and off we went!
I immediately got ready into my sleeping-mode to bypass the 4hour drive to KL.
To pass the time even further before i finally fall asleep,
I just had to camwhore :P
brought along with me my favourite 'small pillow', my trusty sleeping companion :D

wahsehh, damn lan c!
sleeping also need to wear sunnies :P

So, after the 4hour drive,
finally arrived at the hotel, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur!
I haven't stayed in that hotel for many many years now,
most of the time, we'd stay at JW Marriot Hotel because my dad's able to get some special rate.
But it was fully booked and so, Mandarin Oriental, although expensive, we stayed there.
Luckily! they were having some sort of promotion, and so, my dad got the special rate for the rooms! haha :D

LOVEEE the hotel's toilets!
sooo classy and elegant-ish.

So are the beds!
It just looks comfy and big and cosy!
but honestly, it's quite hard and i personally prefer my own bed. haha :D

Morning came and
The spread at the hotel was amazing!
absolutely LOADZ of food!
definitely brings a smile to my face, regardless of the fact that i had to get up early for it.
definitely worth every amount of deprived sleep i had :D

First round!

Second round!

After breakfast, I headed back up to the hotel room,
had to wait awhile for certain people to do their certain 'business' :P
so I curled my hair, and changed my clothes! lol!
I had to change my outfit because the bulge of my stomach could be seen through the high-waisted skirt that i was wearing :( super fat!
so i changed to a big,oversized tee with a pair of leggings.
hides all the fats!
hahahha :D

and OFF to Pavilion to shop! shop! shop!
Forever 21! :D

Cam whored in the car on the way to Pavilion :P
yes, again! Damn vain lah!!! XD

Arrived at Pavilion and we went straight to Forever 21 :)
But that, will have to wait for another entry.
I gotta go do my Designing Journal now :D
Stay tuned for more updates!



Amy Chang aka Meee said...

I AGREEEEE! BUDDYS: DIE DIE, MUST TRY!!!!! grrrr mikeli, your photos made me hungry, especially the chicken rice with tofu and chicken feet, YUMMMM! stomach's growling, gonna cook some indomie now, haha!

kelLie* said...

first of all.

fkng huge right?!:D haha

♥ChaLoTte♥ said...

whr is e chicken rice stall???