August 2, 2009


These are screenshots that my friend took for me from this website :
I have NO IDEA who the hell this is, or HOW the hell she/he got my pictures!
but this is DEFINITELY not my account!
Firstly, it's because I CAN'T READ/WRITE Chinese!
I'm born in an English-speaking family,
I can speak Chinese though, after years of picking up the language from friends in school,
but NO WAY can I READ/WRITE Chinese!
Chinese characters to me are like symbols, strokes, or maybe even just lines!

Look at the pictures below!
She/He even has pictures of me from the year 2007!!!
How freaky is that???
Can anyone help me put a stop to this?
Does anyone have an account at that can help me report this user?
your help is much appreaciated!
email me at:

Stop this faker from using my pictures!!!!



Thank you EVERYONE that has helped me report this user!
I am really touched by how many people have helped me in this!
All your reports have helped to SUSPEND this user!

She/He has now opened a NEW ACCOUNT!!!
WTF!!! =.=

I have even CLOSED down my Friendster account!


♥ChaLoTte♥ said...

erm.....y muz do this huh??sickening...
anyway..i hav decided to help u and jz sign up a account at xiaonie.

Anonymous said...

aww your friend is very nice! i was gonna ask you to get someone to register and report, since we can't read nor write in Chinese characters.

♥ChaLoTte♥ said...

ur name is陈思语??

bear said...

lol... wad kind of website is dat? jz start putting like watermarks on ur pictures den ppl cant steal...

Michelle Cupcake McMuffin said...

Thanks Chalotte :)
My name is errr, my comp can't type chinese.
haha. but that's not my name.

Winn! i know! they're very nice! i feel super handicapped cuz i can't read/write chinese. damn useless! hahaha

Bear! i explained to u on msn edii! hahaha.
wah put watermarks somemore. hahahah. i don't know how to do that eh!

♥ChaLoTte♥ said...

u r welcome!!
i willing to help~!
anyway i had make another report on the new acc that she opened.
i c how many acc that she can open!

BenkC۩평国靖화۩Ειρήνη said...

wow! this faker got a lot your photos ><" hell~