August 5, 2009

Feeling Sick!

haha! here's the "piercing eyes" picture that i left out, @domdom87 LOL!

there, a picture of my eye makeup, after receiving emails on how it looks.
It's just really simple, LOADS of eyeliner, and falsies will make ANYBODY'S eyes look dramatic :D
give it a shot, slop on LOADS of eyeliner, extend it till the edges and voila!

I'm feeling sick!
no i AM sick :(
I've got a sore throat, and flu, and i tend to feel dizzy and light-headed whenever i get up from bed.
Wonder why =/

anyways, this post is really pointless,
i've got LOADS of projects and journals to rush out,
and yet, i'm here still updating my blog -.-

My friends will all be up in Mornington this weekend,
from Friday - Sunday, to celebrate Wymun's birthday!
I so wished i could be there to celebrate with them too,
but I've got too much workload and + there's bound to be loads of booze,
and so, parents won't allow me to go :(
But i know they care about me, so I'm not complaining lah.
Just feel bad that i'm gonna miss out on all the fun!
They will be renting a huge mansion, and the whole lot of them will be staying together.
for 2nights, They'll be back on Sunday!


I am now off to shower and then start doing my project plan which has to submitted by Tuesday!
Why are we given such a short time??? :(
Gotta go to the art supplies store tmr as well,
to get a bunch of A5 cards for my Designing Journal!

On a happier note,
I made a very very nice friend today!
Philippa Choong :D
She's lovely and very very nice!
i must get to know her better! :D

Goodnight peeps!


Amy Chang aka Meee said...

lol, i guess you were late for the 10pm lecture today too? HAHA! anyway, i'm sick as well :( same as your symptoms, sore throat and flu! i wonder why....

Anonymous said...

Get well soon...hopefully you didnt get H1N1...=P