July 27, 2009

Weddings in Malaysia :D

This is a very long overdue post!
but i shall blog about it anyways,
since i have yet to transfer any of my recent picz onto my computer :P
sue me for being lazy!

Few weeks back, while i was still in Malaysia,
I attended my cousin's (mother's side) wedding!
They've been dating each other for 10 years!
They practically went through their entire life with each other,
through high school, college, university, and now they're even working together!
so sweeeet~!!!
It's like marrying your childhood lover!
Where is MY other half? :(
haha, but I'm in NO hurry to get married, don't you worry. haha.

The lovely lovely couple.
The groom was really funny and sweet towards his bride the whole night!
I envy my cousin for finding her perfect husband! :D
Congratulations Poh Siong & Yuan Fong ! :D

My outfit for the wedding;
1. Bardot Grecian One-Shouldered Dress
2. Gladiator Studded Heels
Accessories kept to a minimum because the dress itself should be the main focus :D

The Cousins :D

Me and lovely Sharon
we used to play with each other ALOT when we were young
:( I miss being young!

Had an awesome night!


Now, for the second wedding that I attended,
It was a little different from all the other weddings that i had attended before,
It's a Malay Wedding like no other!

The wedding was held at a Chinese Restaurant,
with the style of the wedding, all served the Chinese way
you know, like those main courses and dessert at the end.
Malay weddings don't normally hold their weddings like that,
so it was pretty cool that i had attended that particular wedding.
The bride and groom were a PERFECT match!
Both pretty and they really made very very good-looking couple :D
Made for each other :)
p/s: sadly, i didn't get a picture of them :(

The entire place was decorated with beautiful, gorgeous flowers just like this!

lol! i was smelling the perfume paper i popped into my bag earlier on :D


The live band was awesome!
They sang so well! and even did a tributal Michael Jackson song
"You Are Not Alone"
And i must say, that guy did a pretty good impersonation of the song!

Outfit of the night;
1. Valley Girl, Silky Boyfriend Blazer
2. Black and White Sleeveless Dress
3. Gladiator Studded Heels
4. Messenger Bag
Accessories, bangles and necklaces added to bring 'life' into a somewhat monotonous outfit.

Uni's started!!
And to be honest, I am NOT even the least excited about it.
No motivation at all! (if you know what i mean :p)
Feel so lazy to even get up to go to school
cbb (can't be bothered) to dress up or style my hair!

Japanese Tutorial
later at 4pm!
(i'm blogging in my school's computer lab. haha! :D)

Have a Nice Day Folks! :D

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Anonymous said...

is your sleeveless dress come in one piece and u just added a blet only?