July 2, 2009

Silverkris Magazine June 2009 Edition :)

haha! here it is! the Magazine that i have a small little picture in :)

I wasn't even looking at the camera,
and my face is sooo off that you can't actually even tell that's me!
haha, if not for my clothes, i don't think i'd know that's me either.
Ashley is obvious though. you can tell it's Ashley!
hahaha. but oh well!
Atleast now i can tell people that i've been on a magazine before
HAHAHAHAH! as a kelefere! (extra)
But it's only going to be on the June edition. 
soon when the new month comes, no more picture feature on magazine :(


ian. k. said...

dropping by from Nuffnang!
nice post btw!
one more, your site loads quite slow you know.

Michelle Cupcake McMuffin said...

oh? it does??
i never knew that!
thanks for telling me!

kellie said...

you look nice in that pic! (in the mag)

haha :D