July 9, 2009

My Favourite Girl! KitYan! <3

for a more detailed entry of today's happenings,
check out KitYan's blog!

This entry will be mainly photos! and not much of words
the pictures say alot.haha.
so if you're uninterested in seeing a dozen over photos of me and KitYan,
i suggest you hop on over to another blog :D
Me while waiting for my food at Kim Gary, City Square

pretty pretty pretty KitYan with her instant noodles =.= 
HAHA! She came to the restaurant to eat instant noodles that costed RM7!
However! She did make a point, she paid RM7 for the 
instant noodles + meat + veggie + the milk tea!
haha, so I guess it is worth it then? :p

We then proceeded to the photosticker booth on level 4
our usual photosticker place :D

Loveee the lighting in the sticker booth! lol!

i loveee this picture! haha, KitYan looks so natural, because she was really laughing! LOL!
I can't really remember why she was laughing though. hmmmm~

i think a mixture of BOTH my hair color and KitYan's hair color would make a SUPER CHIO hair color :D I love how our curls intertwine and form a sort of voluminous curly haired wig! haha! 
I feel like dying my hair!! 
But i haven't got the guts to do it yet! I plan to bleach it, to turn my hair into 
Ash Blonde + Matte Green finish. 
But I know it will spoil my hair pretty badly! :( 
still don't know if I should bleach it. 
Does my hair color look alright the way it is? 


more pictures soon~
going to sleep.



Anonymous said...

Btw,I really love your curls..May I know how you manage to do it so well by urself? Is there any spray that needed? It suits you so well..Whats the secret to have commercial like curls like wat u are havin?

Michelle Cupcake McMuffin said...

hi :)
hmmm, i use a ceramic curler that's not too big because if the curler is too big, the curls wouldn't last till the end of the day. For me, i use smaller curls so that my curls will last. And of course hair spray :D

I recommend Schwarzkopf Hairspray :D
It helps keep my curls lasting for a very long time!
Unfortunately, I don't think it can be found in Malaysia, i'm not too sure.
but a good alternative would be Gatsby Hairspray :D

hope i helped!

Anonymous said...

Yes definitely.. Will give it a try.. Thanks for being so helpful.Lookin forward to most post and pictures of you..