July 4, 2009

Day out with my BFF!

Took this photo while my mom was driving the other day. haha. I find this picture really pretty because my mom was really laughing and smiling and i just happened to take a shot of that!
Ma! you look lovely when you smile!! i love your smilee :D
Was on our way to city square. The same day when i took my Dell Inspiron mini laptop on a trip to City Square! LOL!
The day i attempted to look hardworking and busy updating my blog! LOL!

Had lunch at Kinsahi! ground floor of City Square where i ordered my favourite SALMON SASHIMI! EBI TEMPURA! and SHAKE TERRIYAKI BENTO SET!
It tastes delicious and just as i remember it. It also tastes almost the same as the ones that i've had in Melbourne, but for only a fraction of the cost. Everything is sooo much cheaper back home! Stupid Melbourne! Why the hell is everything so god damn expensive???!!

Lovely salmon sashimi! All prettily and nicely placed in a beautifully decorated plate. Sitting prettily in it's place, posing for the camera, unknown to the fact that i was going to devour it all up the moment i finished taking that 'profesional' snapshot of it. HAHAHA! exaggeration!  but yeah! that's what i think it would be thinking if it were alive. Well, technically it WAS alive before it was killed! hahaha. oh well, don't bother about me. But the sashimi was realllly goood! 

Normally people would say that they wouldn't dare order salmon sashimi for they fear it wouldn't be fresh. Well i'll tell you now that the salmon sashimi that I had was very fresh and very delicious indeed! If i wasn't feeling so pitiful for my mom because she loves to eat it as well, i wouldn't have left her any piece of the sashimi at all and I would have greedily and selfishly eat all of it up! hahahha, but you know i'm a good person, so i left 2pieces for my mom :D Good right?!

The deliciously crispy EBI TEMPURA! I swear this has been my favourite Japanese side-dish that i have faithfully and loyally ordered every single time I eat at a Japanese restaurant. Just that i haven't had been able to order this dish in Melbourne though thanks to it's outrageously over-pricing in all Japanese restaurants in Melbourne :( Same goes to salmon sashimis'. I never order them in Melbourne because of the price. 

Me with my lovely SHAKE TERRIYAKI BENTO SET! Basically it's just salmon terriyaki. I felt quite embarassed taking all those pictures in the restaurant. With FLASH ON somemore! hahaha, my mom was like happily snapping away. Insisting to me that I should allow her to take such pictures so that i'd have pictures to post up on my blog! LOL! Can you imagine that? My own mother is thinking of pictures for me to post up in my blog! hahaha. how cute is that? Sometimes it's annoying too, because then she goes on onto saying how i should post up pictures of EVERYTHING! =.= it can get a biiiittt annoying. hahahaha.

alright, i admit, this was actually my idea. haha! I told my mom to snap a photo of me 'working' on my Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop! LOL! obviously i was unable to do any work at all because of the UN-FREE wi-fi that I could not connect to. Hence, the body angle. Couldn't possibly allow you guys to see that the screen was actually blank ei? haha! =.=

Went shopping later on at this shop on the ground floor, near the toilet that's near Vincci. i can't remember the shop's name, but the clothes they were selling looks reaaal pretty and i LOVE the pricing range :D Nothing over RM100! or atleast the clothes that I was interested in didn't cost above that price. So i was happy :D

HAHA! this again is my mom's idea of a pose! =.= She told me to show my credit card! Not platinum or gold or silver lah. haha.. in fact! it's just a clear transparent card with a very very pretty rose right in the center of it :) A pretty pretty feminine designed card named very appropriately as a Lady's Card. haha.

here i am again in Coffee Bean where i am looking all professional and busy :D do not be deceived! I was actually checking myself out through the in-built webcam! HAHAHAH. hilarious really if you were the group of people sitting near our table. They were the real deal! They brought out their huge laptops, discussing about some project, and here i was, just a few tables away, taking out my small mini laptop, cam-whoring. LOL! X]

Michelle, Norven and Melissa!


HAHA! it was reallly nice and really really fun hanging out with her today! Although we didn't really do much shopping or anything, it was just great to hang out with her and chat with her. Honestly, she UNDERSTANDS me the best, apart from my sister la of course. I can communicate with her soo easily! i love her so much!! :D
fetched her from City Square today and headed to Lavender for lunch! got a parking summon somemore :( Sorry ma! you have to pay RM30! hahaha. We chatted alot and updated each other with alot of goss :D That's what girls do best, don't we? haha! after lunch, we headed down to Plaza Pelangi for a KARAOKE session at Red Box!
omg! it's soooo friggin' cheap to sing in Malaysia. we sang from 3 till 7 and it only costed us RM26.45!! Including the 2 free drinks. Plus it would be even cheaper if they didn't enforce the stupid compulsory RM9 worth of peanuts! hahaha. Stupid Red Box's strategy of trying to sponge off youngsters of their money by forcing them to pay for UN-tasty peanuts! lol!
Oh, people from Melbourne, in case you were wondering, RM26.45, if converted to AUD it will not even be over AUD10!! 
Anyways, there aren't any pictures because kityan didn't want to take any :(
but no worries! I'll be meeting up with her tomorrow! in fact, in a few hours time! hahaha! And you can expect TONNES of pictures of me and my bestie in the next entry :D So in case you're afraid of getting a sore eye from all of our almost-same-pose pictures, then don't read my blog in the next couple of days! hahaha.
gotta go sleep now!
till then

p/s: pilihhh!! pilihh! hahaha :p

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