July 22, 2009

Back in Melbourne

I'm back in Melbourne folks
and boy is the weather here cold or what!
the winds are blowing soo strongly!!
I can't even wear my flower skirt out, i had to come back and change
because my skirt was flying all over the place.
lol :P

Outfit of the day:

1. Bardot Leather Hooded Jacket
2. Inner Black Singlet
3. Flowery Skirt bought from a shop in City Square
4. Studded Belt from a shop in Melbourne
5. Leggings from Supre

I particularly lovee my flowery skirt,
it just adds so much color into an otherwise boring outfit.
pair it with a plain colored singlet, and put on leggings to block out the cold
and you're good to go! :D

oh btw, that's my new haircut!
I got back my bangs! and my hair's no longer the layered style,
I've gone into the thick cut type of style, to give an illusion of fuller looking hair.
haha, i personally think it makes my hair look relatively healthier,
what do you think??

anyways, I gotta sleep now,
meeting up with friend for lunch at 1pm!
goodnight ya'all!
once pictures are all edited, i'll update :D



kelLie* said...

nice haircut ahgal :D

miss u <3

nate river said...

the overall outfit looks really great

btw, hihi, 1st time here:)