July 14, 2009

Back from K.L :D


am happy because i bought loads of clothes and dresses and alot of other stuff!
didn't manage to find any wallet that i fancy though, so i didn't get my new wallet :(
but it's alright, i'm still quite happy using my Juicy Couture wallet. I shall continue using that until i see something else that's really nice and affordable. haha. Can't afford to spend too much anymore! (not like i have always spent alot la k! LOL)

Although I just got back from KL, i'm not gonna update on my KL trip today. This entry will be about other stuffs, so that I wouldn't have a shitload of stuff to update! haha. sooo many pictures that i have finally edited and re-sized :D 

So, now, I can't really remember what date it was, but I'm guessing it was on Sunday last week.
Hung out with my ex-classmates and my lovely babe!
Kimberly, MingWei, Hui Kheng, Jia Le and KitYan
met up with them at Tebrau City Jusco.

From left: Jiale, Ming Wei, Myself, Hui Kheng, Kimberly and KitYan.

after taking pictures in the toilet, (haha yes! us girls love to take pictures in toilets for god knows what reason. haha) And headed over to Baskin Robins for ice-cream. Took even more photos there yet again. 

just look at how humongously FAT my face is!! :(

awww~! KitYan feeding me, but I have no idea what kind face i was giving!
oh my!! look at that unglamorously obvious double-chin! :(

lol! advertising for Baskin Robins,
anyone interested in hiring me
LOL :p

HAHAH! i love this candid shot! KitYan was posing to look like she was trying to steal my ice-cream, i was supposed to look angry at her, but midway through the 1-2-3 count, i started laughing and ended up with this retarded-looking face. LOL!

now, this is what i should roughly look like! still not perfect, but hey, i'm no model! haha. and yes, i'm supposed to seem angry or =.= haha.

After eating ice-cream, we just walked around for abit. Initially intended to walk over to Starbucks to have a drink. haha, yes i know. the whole day we were either eating or drinking or eating and drinking. haha. KITYAN'S idea :P 
KitYan!! we gotta lose weight lahh!!! hahaha.

so, Starbucks was fully packed! and the air-conditioning that day seemed to be broken down or something because it was seriously hot! but anyway, we headed over to this place called El Migos i think, it took over the Delifrance that used to be there. it seemed like a pretty nice place to chill, so we went it. and OMG! the service was very bad!
The waiter or waitresses served us with such bad attitude! even taking orders from us was like a super annoying chore for them. Their face! wahh!! seriously cannot stand it lah! They look at us like as if we killed their parents or something
Eh hello! We are customers right? We are paying YOU your salary right? See la, if u got no customers, see your restaurant still can open or not? Confirm close down like Delifrance lah can?! 

hahah. random rant :P


we were sooo annoyed and frustrated of waiting for our food and drinks! The thing is, we only ordered water and a few fruit juices. And even THAT took sooo bladdy long to come!!! 

finally! our dessert arrives!!
but i must say, that was one damn good of a chocolate larva cake!
hahaha. the chocolate just ooozed out when i cracked it open!
super deliciouso! :p

after that around 5:30pm, i left for home together with my family.
they were waiting for me to be done! so sweeet!!!
i love my family!!
and yala Melissa, i know you waited for me for very long lah!
hahaha. buy you banana cake tomorrow k? LOL

goodnight people!