July 27, 2009

Weddings in Malaysia :D

This is a very long overdue post!
but i shall blog about it anyways,
since i have yet to transfer any of my recent picz onto my computer :P
sue me for being lazy!

Few weeks back, while i was still in Malaysia,
I attended my cousin's (mother's side) wedding!
They've been dating each other for 10 years!
They practically went through their entire life with each other,
through high school, college, university, and now they're even working together!
so sweeeet~!!!
It's like marrying your childhood lover!
Where is MY other half? :(
haha, but I'm in NO hurry to get married, don't you worry. haha.

The lovely lovely couple.
The groom was really funny and sweet towards his bride the whole night!
I envy my cousin for finding her perfect husband! :D
Congratulations Poh Siong & Yuan Fong ! :D

My outfit for the wedding;
1. Bardot Grecian One-Shouldered Dress
2. Gladiator Studded Heels
Accessories kept to a minimum because the dress itself should be the main focus :D

The Cousins :D

Me and lovely Sharon
we used to play with each other ALOT when we were young
:( I miss being young!

Had an awesome night!


Now, for the second wedding that I attended,
It was a little different from all the other weddings that i had attended before,
It's a Malay Wedding like no other!

The wedding was held at a Chinese Restaurant,
with the style of the wedding, all served the Chinese way
you know, like those main courses and dessert at the end.
Malay weddings don't normally hold their weddings like that,
so it was pretty cool that i had attended that particular wedding.
The bride and groom were a PERFECT match!
Both pretty and they really made very very good-looking couple :D
Made for each other :)
p/s: sadly, i didn't get a picture of them :(

The entire place was decorated with beautiful, gorgeous flowers just like this!

lol! i was smelling the perfume paper i popped into my bag earlier on :D


The live band was awesome!
They sang so well! and even did a tributal Michael Jackson song
"You Are Not Alone"
And i must say, that guy did a pretty good impersonation of the song!

Outfit of the night;
1. Valley Girl, Silky Boyfriend Blazer
2. Black and White Sleeveless Dress
3. Gladiator Studded Heels
4. Messenger Bag
Accessories, bangles and necklaces added to bring 'life' into a somewhat monotonous outfit.

Uni's started!!
And to be honest, I am NOT even the least excited about it.
No motivation at all! (if you know what i mean :p)
Feel so lazy to even get up to go to school
cbb (can't be bothered) to dress up or style my hair!

Japanese Tutorial
later at 4pm!
(i'm blogging in my school's computer lab. haha! :D)

Have a Nice Day Folks! :D

July 24, 2009

Fun Times

Me and my babe KitYan! :D
It was our 'final' outing before i flew back to Melbourne.
Well, not really final, cuz I'll be back soon! :D
very very soon! December!

She came over to my place and had to wait for me to get ready
so sorry i take so long everytime! :(
it's cuz i NEVER ever wake up on time!!
that's seriously a very serious flaw that i have.
i CAN'T wake up to my bladdy alarm! even if it's blasting off really loud,
I still wouldn't be able to hear it =.=
i think my ears are like filled with ear wax! =/

Pretty babe with her sambal pork i think. haha.
it wasn't delicious at all.
NEVER order food from La Gourmet, the shop behind Plaza Pelangi.
well, if you're looking for smth cheap but only just edible, then u could go there.
it you're looking for smth cheap and STILL tasty, i suggest NOT to go there.
maybe just to chill and relax you could, cuz it does have a pretty nice ambience there.
but other than that, i highly recommend NOT to go there to eat :D

I look pretty pleased here with my food don't i?
well, that's because i HADN'T tasted the food yet! lol

Left for City Square at around 3~4pm I think.
headed straight for the sticker booth machine :D
And then took lots of pictures there.

Love the lightings that they have IN the photo machine,
it sorta gives an illusion that we're super fair!
hahahaha :D
me likeyy~

Love my hair color here!
it looks just like the sort of color i want, Matte Green
but it doesn't look like that color in real life :(

After decorating our sticker photos,
(those who have taken the sticker photo machin in city square lvl 4 should understand this)
we were able to choose which photos we'd like to be sorta, submitted into categories??
and then people would be able to rank the photos?
in anycase, one of our photos that we had submitted in the week before,
actually won i think!
or it got first place for a week or something and was published in the wall of fame!
not sure if what i'm saying is right,
but that's what i gathered. hahaha

Headed over to the toilet, and started taking pictures again!
We just loveeee to take pictures!
it not only helps us to remember what we did,
but it sorta immortalises that very very special moment that we spend together :)


get a load of that double chin appearing! :(

in an attempt to sharpen my face. lol

Pretty pretty KitYan! you are NOT fat!!!

we NEVER planned to wear almost the same outfit that day.
but somehow BOTH of us turned up wearing an animal-printed shirt,
with high-waisted bottoms. hahaha!
talk about telepathy!
i think that's what all best friends have,
a special bond sooo strong, that even their minds think alike. haha

a very stupid thing happened,
we were about to leave the toilet after we were busy taking pictures,
when i found out that,
alll my pretty pretty sticker photos,
GONE! :(

KitYan's super kind!
she gave one of the cards to me :(
thank you babe!


July 22, 2009

Back in Melbourne

I'm back in Melbourne folks
and boy is the weather here cold or what!
the winds are blowing soo strongly!!
I can't even wear my flower skirt out, i had to come back and change
because my skirt was flying all over the place.
lol :P

Outfit of the day:

1. Bardot Leather Hooded Jacket
2. Inner Black Singlet
3. Flowery Skirt bought from a shop in City Square
4. Studded Belt from a shop in Melbourne
5. Leggings from Supre

I particularly lovee my flowery skirt,
it just adds so much color into an otherwise boring outfit.
pair it with a plain colored singlet, and put on leggings to block out the cold
and you're good to go! :D

oh btw, that's my new haircut!
I got back my bangs! and my hair's no longer the layered style,
I've gone into the thick cut type of style, to give an illusion of fuller looking hair.
haha, i personally think it makes my hair look relatively healthier,
what do you think??

anyways, I gotta sleep now,
meeting up with friend for lunch at 1pm!
goodnight ya'all!
once pictures are all edited, i'll update :D


July 19, 2009

Goodbye! :(

I will MISS you so so so much KitYan!!! :(

flying back to Melbourne in a few hours time!
9 AM flight on Singapore Airlines.
just had a haircut today, and I think i look like a little small kid now.
oh well, it'll grow :)

Goodbye Malaysia!!

like as if i'm going for very long right? haha
after 4months, i'll be back again lah! 

KitYan! I love you very very much!!

July 17, 2009

Karaoke Sessions! <3

Karaoke sessions are fun fun fun :D
Just got back from singing at Red Box in Tebrau City Jusco
had loads of fun! and sang alot!
i think i hogged the mic for too long :(
sorry guys! hahaha :p

anyways, loads to update on! 
but all will have to wait for another day as I gotta go shower and sleep!
Meeting up with my babe KitYan tomorrow! :D
And i'll be cutting my hair on Saturday
and then i'll be flying back to Melbourne on Sunday! :(
I''m gonna miss Malaysia, although I hate the weather,
but this is still where I call home!

anyways, updates soon! 


July 14, 2009

Back from K.L :D


am happy because i bought loads of clothes and dresses and alot of other stuff!
didn't manage to find any wallet that i fancy though, so i didn't get my new wallet :(
but it's alright, i'm still quite happy using my Juicy Couture wallet. I shall continue using that until i see something else that's really nice and affordable. haha. Can't afford to spend too much anymore! (not like i have always spent alot la k! LOL)

Although I just got back from KL, i'm not gonna update on my KL trip today. This entry will be about other stuffs, so that I wouldn't have a shitload of stuff to update! haha. sooo many pictures that i have finally edited and re-sized :D 

So, now, I can't really remember what date it was, but I'm guessing it was on Sunday last week.
Hung out with my ex-classmates and my lovely babe!
Kimberly, MingWei, Hui Kheng, Jia Le and KitYan
met up with them at Tebrau City Jusco.

From left: Jiale, Ming Wei, Myself, Hui Kheng, Kimberly and KitYan.

after taking pictures in the toilet, (haha yes! us girls love to take pictures in toilets for god knows what reason. haha) And headed over to Baskin Robins for ice-cream. Took even more photos there yet again. 

just look at how humongously FAT my face is!! :(

awww~! KitYan feeding me, but I have no idea what kind face i was giving!
oh my!! look at that unglamorously obvious double-chin! :(

lol! advertising for Baskin Robins,
anyone interested in hiring me
LOL :p

HAHAH! i love this candid shot! KitYan was posing to look like she was trying to steal my ice-cream, i was supposed to look angry at her, but midway through the 1-2-3 count, i started laughing and ended up with this retarded-looking face. LOL!

now, this is what i should roughly look like! still not perfect, but hey, i'm no model! haha. and yes, i'm supposed to seem angry or =.= haha.

After eating ice-cream, we just walked around for abit. Initially intended to walk over to Starbucks to have a drink. haha, yes i know. the whole day we were either eating or drinking or eating and drinking. haha. KITYAN'S idea :P 
KitYan!! we gotta lose weight lahh!!! hahaha.

so, Starbucks was fully packed! and the air-conditioning that day seemed to be broken down or something because it was seriously hot! but anyway, we headed over to this place called El Migos i think, it took over the Delifrance that used to be there. it seemed like a pretty nice place to chill, so we went it. and OMG! the service was very bad!
The waiter or waitresses served us with such bad attitude! even taking orders from us was like a super annoying chore for them. Their face! wahh!! seriously cannot stand it lah! They look at us like as if we killed their parents or something
Eh hello! We are customers right? We are paying YOU your salary right? See la, if u got no customers, see your restaurant still can open or not? Confirm close down like Delifrance lah can?! 

hahah. random rant :P


we were sooo annoyed and frustrated of waiting for our food and drinks! The thing is, we only ordered water and a few fruit juices. And even THAT took sooo bladdy long to come!!! 

finally! our dessert arrives!!
but i must say, that was one damn good of a chocolate larva cake!
hahaha. the chocolate just ooozed out when i cracked it open!
super deliciouso! :p

after that around 5:30pm, i left for home together with my family.
they were waiting for me to be done! so sweeet!!!
i love my family!!
and yala Melissa, i know you waited for me for very long lah!
hahaha. buy you banana cake tomorrow k? LOL

goodnight people!