June 9, 2009

weather is crazy!
it's freezing cold! even in my own house
i'm freezing and am forced to wear winter gloves to prevent my hands from freezing!

had 'lunch' today at 5:30pm! LOL
ate hainanese chicken rice at EC CLAYPOT with ashley,joseph, randy and bear.
hadn't seen joseph in such a long time.
great chatting with him again. haha
he's the guy that sings the best!!
hahaha.. lovely guy :)

intended to watch movie, but there were no seats left,
so we decided to just go for an hour of pool
which we did, and after that, had supper at bismi's!!
roti chanai!!
it's the best roti chanai in melbourne i think.
can't beat malaysia of course, but it's close enough :D
the wind was crazy as hell!
cold like shit!
and practically freezing out butts and hands off!

i need a new thicker jacket!!!
hahah. or mayb i should just wear more layers of shirts and cardigans under the jacket
i don't know what i'm writing about, but yeah
that's what i did today.
and it's already so long since my gold coast trip,
i feel kinda bored to even blog about it now. HAHAHAHAH
i don't think anyone even wants to hear about it anymore. haha
well, i'm gonna make myself a not cup of tea :D