June 14, 2009

Took these pics long time ago while my sister and i were having dinner in Chinatown.
I ordered Beef Brisket on Rice
it was deliciouss!
it's the red color shop beside Kaneda
somewhere near Dessert House.

My sister and her favourite Mapo Tofu!
lol, she's forever ordering that!


Picture taken at C4!
our favouriteee cyber cafe! lol :D
if you hang out there, it is most definite that you would have seen me there.
because we, Wymun,Bear,Randy,Melissa, and Me, we're kinda like regulars there!
all members~ and forever loyal to the game LEFT 4 DEAD!!

my hair looks so shiny and healthy :)


My absolutely delicious Chicken Terriyaki Bento Set from Jay Cafe! :)

The absolutely cute and extremely delicious sushi burger from Jay Cafe!
$6.00 each.

And my absolutely dull, plain and tasteless weet-bix cereal with bananas from SAFEWAY!
$0.60. hahahahaha!

the weet-bix was my cereal, and the sushi burgers and chicken terriyaki bento set were my lunch + dinner :)
stayed home the whole day yesterday. did some studying.
lol, not a lot, but i finished 3lectures. so that's rather good.
still have 4 lectures more to go. :P

met up with Oreo on Friday for a game of pool at 4pm
i was surprised i didn't feel nervous at all,
initially i did feel a little bit nervous, but after talking
and talking and talking, he felt more like a brother to me
lol, mainly cuz he's the same height as my brother,
and he's big!! o.O!
he's super good in pool!!!
for example, out of 10games, i only won him once! hahah
that's how good he is,
or maybe that's just how bad i am. LOL!
either way, he is still very good at pool.

Later that day, went out for a Karaoke session with my bunch of friends.
Ashley, Melissa, Joseph, Lawrence, Wymun, Bear and Randy.i sang a couple of songs in the beginning,
but towards the end, i just started to get sleepy. hahah
and i even slept for awhile on my sister's back :P

i figure this entry is getting a tad long,
i'll come back and post up the karaoke pictures soon :)
the next entry will be a whole load of pictures!
hahaha.. wait for it! :D

back to studying~!