June 16, 2009

Super happy that i can finally read and write a couple of kanji characters :)
Japanese Exam in just a few 3hours!!
everybody! wish me good luck and please pray for me!
I am confident about this subject, not that worried,
but it's what i'm so confident about that I'm worried about. lol :p
I'm worried because I'm confident =.=
does it make sense?
Anyway, just a short entry before i go get ready for school.
Will update on the karaoke night sooon :D
First picture is of Melissa and Me at K BOX :)
OH! and do check out my baby pictures on the right sidebar!
LOL! Mommy sent those pictures to me a few days ago.
I looked so cute back then!!!
what happened??? o.O

alright, to appease my worrying,
I shall go read a bit more on my Japanese!



Got back from Ashley's final night dinner at My Cube!
Seriously, the food there sucked pretty bad tonight.
The Hainanese Chicken Rice was tasteless!
The Milo Dinosaur was tasteless with such little amount of milo powder!
And the other dishes that the rest ordered, pretty much sucked too!
Don't know what happened tonight, but honestly,
the only nice dish tonight was the Char Kway Teow

Anyway, Ashley's flying back to Malaysia tomorrow!! :(
Have a safe flight babe! Remember to wear mask!!!
now the number of cases of confirmed Swine Flu are astounding!
atleast ONE passenger in every flight from Melbourne would be positive for Swine Flu!
How freaky is that???!
anyway, i'm off to shower and start studying!
My friends told me that they can see my eye bags now :(
must be the all-nighters!

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bear said...

d wat tan hor not bad wad... u eat wad again a? wantan mee?