June 21, 2009

My lovely daddy and me!
This picture was taken on the day i left Singapore to come back to Melbourne
at the beginning of this year.
lol! don't mind my face there, i was make-up less.
comfortable and flight-ready to stand the 7hour long plane ride.
but i love this picture, because i look like i'm Daddy's Little Girl :D

What is the date today??
21st June 2009

What's so special about today??
It's a very very special day for all loving daughter or son to show their appreciation to their loving and great dads!

And with that, I'd like to wish my daddy a very

It's been almost 19years since I've known your jokes and your laughter,
your strong willpower to succeed in the business
and making us, your family, as the driving force for you to work those extra hours,
racking your brains out to come up with witty solutions to solve any problems.
I am lucky to have inherited the brains from both you and mommy!
hahahahahahah :p

I cannot wait to get back to Malaysia and hear your jokes all over again for they never ever fail to make me laugh.
no matter how many times the joke has been repeated, it still makes us all laugh.
your humor, your tough love, and stern words are what makes you YOU.
Do not ever change that, for that is what I love you for daddy!
Sure i may have rebelled you at times in the past,
but that's the process of growing up aint' it? :p

Daddy! Take me to all the nice restaurants that serve the best food when i come back home!
No matter if it's Indian or Malay or Chinese food, as long as you're taking me there,
I will agree and won't even make a sound of objection anymore :P
I will not be such a pain and make whiny noises.
I miss all the lunch-es and dinners!!

I Love You Very Much Daddy!
and one day, I will build that lovely mansion for you and mommy :D

Happy Father's Day!