June 23, 2009

LOL! wrapping up before i brave the scary winds of Melbourne!
LOVEEE my new pair of shoes i bought from a shop on Lt. Collins
It's so comfortable and yet it's a heel-ed shoe!
Comfortable + Glamorous!!!
What more can i ask for? :p

My exams are finally Over!!
My holidays have officially started and I can really finally relax!
Although I haven't really been studying thaaat much for these past few days anyway. haha.
Just been able to finish listening to all lectures and do all the work required before the paper
lol! I must say, i BARELY made it :p
Melissa says I'm lucky i can even manage to squeeze the entire semester's course into 2days

As promised, Karaoke pictures!!!

a more civilized picture of Lawrence before....

Ashley, Lawrence
and Melly!

i swear i'm not that fat, i'm not! i'm not! :(
it must be the dress! it must be!
:( i'm living in denial!! ahhhh~

the two best friends! Joseph and Lawrence!

Look at the lyrics!
Wymun's singing some old old english song~

That's coke btw, the drink that i'm holding.
haha! it looks amazingly like some kind of alcohol!

omg! AGAIN! It's the dress i tell you! seriously!

oh mannn~ Wymun giving himself some lovingg, while Randy's just disturbeddd.

fkin hell! i hate my fringe!!
it's so separated! eeeeeee :(

Joseph!! The BEST SINGER!
Joseph, if you ever become a star, please do not forget me! your harmonizer!
hahahhahahha :D

The muffin man!
Do you know the muffin man? The muffin man?
The muffin man? The one who lives on Drurey Lane?

I started to get bored of singing and decided to play with my sister's iPhone
blog hopping on her 3G mobile net!
I'm SOOOO getting an iPhone next year! :D

Wymun, the-red-faced-bugger!
he didn't drink that much, he just turns red.

Lawrence and Ashley, bored of singing too, started playing
5-10-15 =.= Don't know the name in english.

hahaha! for a moment, i grabbed Joseph to be my camwhore buddy!
Ashley was busy singing!

I just HAD to post this up!
it's so different from his other pictures. lol!

last pic of the day.
for now :)

off to sleep!

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yunxian^^ said...

umm...maybe u dont know who am i lar.
umm.i have a question to ask you..
umm...are you going back to malaysia?
cuz i heard that those people who enter malaysia from us, uk, australia, and philippine are forced to quarantine for 7 days.
umm....and i currently stay in Perth
but i had booked the ticket to go back to malaysia.but i dont know whether i should go back or just cancel the ticket.
if yu have any information or news about this, can you tell me?
thank you very much.