June 8, 2009

Had 'dim sum' brunch with my aunt and uncle and cousins a few weeks ago.
Went to this wonderful dim sum place in Doncaster, called Tai Pan Restaurant.
The dim sum served there was delicious!!!
absolutely delicious!!
it can beat 'Shark's Fin Inn/House' anyday!
the custard pau was superb!
loved every little dish that we ordered there.
Aunt and Uncle came to visit and stayed for 2weeks.
so lovely of them to bring up some much needed stuff from my mother :)

sorry for the shitty quality picture, it was simply tooo dark to see anything,
so i had the lightings, saturation and contrast edited to make our faces even visible.
the big black thing around my head, that's my fedora hat. hahaha.

so, my exams are coming in a couple of days,
in fact, in exaclt 7days i'll be sitting for my Japanese Exam!!!
I'm quite confident for that paper, but still, anxiety is kicking in!
I stil managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of pool though. LOL
have been getting addicted to pool once again,
i was super addicted last year,
but after the introduction of L4D by friends
my love for pool vanished.
but it has been reignited again after viewing one of my friend's pictures on FB
if he's reading this he'll know i'm talking about him. lol
oreo! i'll 'close the door' on you if you don't know. :p

so yeah, exams are around the corner,
but ashley is going back on the 17th and she's asking me to go clubbing with her this friday
but i'm not sure if i can go!
but it's her last weekend in melbourne, because she's leaving for malaysia
and i won't be seeing her till mid july!
i wanna hang out and have fun with my babe before she leaves,
but at the same time i got my exams!
if i am able to study alot by this friday, then maybe i can go.
haha. i miss clubbing too.
not the alcohol!
just the dancing and the music! :D
why must there be exams????