June 13, 2009

From Top (clockwise): Jo Anne, Wymun, Bear, Ashley, Me, and AdrinaDinner few weeks ago, the night before Jo Anne went back to Malaysia.
Had dinner at the newly opened restaurant on Little Bourke Street.
It used to be King Bo Restaurant but it is now Crystal Jade Restaurant
The food there is really delicious!
Especially the SWEET AND SOUR PORK!!
PLEASE! go and try it :D
it's absolutely deliciousss

Ashley and Michelle with the plate of Sweet and Sour Pork :D

The ever sweet and cute couple, Jo Anne and Wymun


Michelle and Melissa :)
Had hotpot for dinner 2days ago at this restaurant near Victoria Market,
called "Chong Qing Hot Pot"

Chilli Chicken that YiLeng said it was a must-try at the restaurant.

The peanut sauce that tasted practically like melted peanut butter.
haha, but as disgusting at it sounds,
it tasted wonderful!
it complemented the food really well.
haha, well atleast i found it very delicious :D

The HALF spicy / non-spicy soup.
The spicy soup was super spicy!!
the amount of chillies they put in, OMG!
seriously, i do not know how the China people can take such spicy-ness
scary really.

Don't i look sooo retarded here???? :(
my ugly fringe!!! arrrrrghhhh!!!!!!

and on a very random and rather mean note,
there was a girl eating at the same restaurant,
sitting beside our table,
and I know this may seem very bad,
but i just couldn't stand her hair!! LOL
we were discussing whether our hair was as dry as hers :P
hopefully my hair doesn't look as dry as hers,
I know my hair is dry and spoilt and totally not healthy too,
but still, hers is definitely worse than mine i think. haha
i hope it is.