June 29, 2009

Lovely Traditional Hainanese Tea :)
Taken at Jusco at Bukit Indah

The kaya toast was delicious! The amount of butter filling, whoah!!!
super yummy! hahahahaha :D
Oh! and I have made a mistake!
I'm not on the Krisflyer magazine, I am actually on the s i l v e r k r i s magazine
silverkris magazine page 68!
haha! I took a couple of snap shots of it, not very clear but i will upload it tomorrow.
and no! I was not PAID or BOOKED to be in that shot,
I just so happened to be there together with my whole gang,
Ashley's in the shot too! hahahaha.
We were in the little lane, beside Forever New on Bourke Street,
where Wymun had brought his HUGE camera to take pictures there,
I was asking him to take a photo of me and Ashley when 2 angmoh ladies came up to us
and asked us if we could just stand there while she took pictures of us.
LOL! They never said that they were doing an article on the lanes of Melbourne.
So we thought they were just some tourists, and just wanted to take those pictures,
so yeah, we agreed and just stood there. haha.
Hence the super awkward posing and the ommition of our names!
So NO, it is NOT considered a photoshoot, but instead, I was a kalefare in a photo :)
Just thought i'd clear things up. hahaha.

OH! And yesterday when i went down to Plaza Pelangi formerly known as Kerry's 
there was this Estee Lauder Model Search going on
and I seriously, honestly swear i was not even interested in it one bit!
but stupid Melissa went up to the lady, and hence the lady embarked onto her mission to
lure all potential customers by singing praises about our complexion lah,
our hair lah, our body lah, and kept on telling us what a waste it would be if we don't do this model search =.=
all the normal things they'd say IF they want to persuade you into joining.
I mean obviously! they want money what!!!! 
and still, Melissa said okay! and signed up for the both of us!
So i was brought to the make-up artist, who is this very lovely malay lady,
she did my eyes pretty alright i guess, but i actually think i do my own eyes better! :P
and then went to this asian chick to do my hair, i also think i do my own hair better!
and then, to the photographer who my mom says is pretty amateurish for he didn't know how to ask me to pose!
I have never taken any sort of this kind of photoshoots before,
like where you get made-up by other people, and photographers taking photos of you.
most of the time, it's only Wymun that is my "photographer" LOL!

and so yeah, i looked SUPER fat in almost ALL of the shots that captured my whole body,
except for one where the shot is only of my face! and it's my right-side view!
and i actually think i look like an AKUA!!! 
but, since money's been exchanged, I will just put the picture up! XD

MAN!! I look like a MAN!!!


June 23, 2009

LOL! wrapping up before i brave the scary winds of Melbourne!
LOVEEE my new pair of shoes i bought from a shop on Lt. Collins
It's so comfortable and yet it's a heel-ed shoe!
Comfortable + Glamorous!!!
What more can i ask for? :p

My exams are finally Over!!
My holidays have officially started and I can really finally relax!
Although I haven't really been studying thaaat much for these past few days anyway. haha.
Just been able to finish listening to all lectures and do all the work required before the paper
lol! I must say, i BARELY made it :p
Melissa says I'm lucky i can even manage to squeeze the entire semester's course into 2days

As promised, Karaoke pictures!!!

a more civilized picture of Lawrence before....

Ashley, Lawrence
and Melly!

i swear i'm not that fat, i'm not! i'm not! :(
it must be the dress! it must be!
:( i'm living in denial!! ahhhh~

the two best friends! Joseph and Lawrence!

Look at the lyrics!
Wymun's singing some old old english song~

That's coke btw, the drink that i'm holding.
haha! it looks amazingly like some kind of alcohol!

omg! AGAIN! It's the dress i tell you! seriously!

oh mannn~ Wymun giving himself some lovingg, while Randy's just disturbeddd.

fkin hell! i hate my fringe!!
it's so separated! eeeeeee :(

Joseph!! The BEST SINGER!
Joseph, if you ever become a star, please do not forget me! your harmonizer!
hahahhahahha :D

The muffin man!
Do you know the muffin man? The muffin man?
The muffin man? The one who lives on Drurey Lane?

I started to get bored of singing and decided to play with my sister's iPhone
blog hopping on her 3G mobile net!
I'm SOOOO getting an iPhone next year! :D

Wymun, the-red-faced-bugger!
he didn't drink that much, he just turns red.

Lawrence and Ashley, bored of singing too, started playing
5-10-15 =.= Don't know the name in english.

hahaha! for a moment, i grabbed Joseph to be my camwhore buddy!
Ashley was busy singing!

I just HAD to post this up!
it's so different from his other pictures. lol!

last pic of the day.
for now :)

off to sleep!

June 21, 2009

My lovely daddy and me!
This picture was taken on the day i left Singapore to come back to Melbourne
at the beginning of this year.
lol! don't mind my face there, i was make-up less.
comfortable and flight-ready to stand the 7hour long plane ride.
but i love this picture, because i look like i'm Daddy's Little Girl :D

What is the date today??
21st June 2009

What's so special about today??
It's a very very special day for all loving daughter or son to show their appreciation to their loving and great dads!

And with that, I'd like to wish my daddy a very

It's been almost 19years since I've known your jokes and your laughter,
your strong willpower to succeed in the business
and making us, your family, as the driving force for you to work those extra hours,
racking your brains out to come up with witty solutions to solve any problems.
I am lucky to have inherited the brains from both you and mommy!
hahahahahahah :p

I cannot wait to get back to Malaysia and hear your jokes all over again for they never ever fail to make me laugh.
no matter how many times the joke has been repeated, it still makes us all laugh.
your humor, your tough love, and stern words are what makes you YOU.
Do not ever change that, for that is what I love you for daddy!
Sure i may have rebelled you at times in the past,
but that's the process of growing up aint' it? :p

Daddy! Take me to all the nice restaurants that serve the best food when i come back home!
No matter if it's Indian or Malay or Chinese food, as long as you're taking me there,
I will agree and won't even make a sound of objection anymore :P
I will not be such a pain and make whiny noises.
I miss all the lunch-es and dinners!!

I Love You Very Much Daddy!
and one day, I will build that lovely mansion for you and mommy :D

Happy Father's Day!

Just got back from supper!
Omg! I swear I have gained like 10kilos just on the number of times i've been to supper
for these past few weeks! I don't know why!
But it's become a habit of mine to ALWAYS have supper!
It's like, if I don't, I fell that something is not right.
That something is missing.
Eventhough my stomach is as full and bloated up as hell,
I still insist on having supper!

lol, will update soon,
going to shower then off to sleep.