May 24, 2009

Super old pic, that's Phoebe and Me in 2007 :)

For the next couple of weeks,
I'll most probably be updating less frequently,
as all of my assignments are due these coming few weeks,
plus! my exams are just around the corner.
another 3weeks to be exact.

I'll end with my last paper on the 23rd!
and after that, HOLIDAYS!
Not gonna tell you what i'm doing for my holidays yet,
will let you guys know soon :P

for now, another piece of information for you readers,
I am gonna update at both blogs,
My Xanga and this Blogspot
to find out which blogging website I will finally stick to
LOL! I'm fickle fickle fickle XD
so do check BOTH blogs for updates

New entry in my Xanga blog.

1 comment:

George said...

eh, your font color is not very user friendly, too bright till my eyes dropped =(. For me, i would prefer blogspot, bcos of its traffic is much better compared to Xanga. Whenver i load in xanga, takes me about more than 2 minutes to complete. -_-