May 2, 2009

My internet bandwidth speed hasn't return yet, and i am still slugging out with super slow internet speed. Just to upload one picture it takes like 45minutes. omg! I cannot stand BigPond, i seriously wanna cancel the bladdy contract. But we can't because it's a 24month contract, and if we cancel, we gotta pay a fee of $250AUD! That's like almost close to RM600!

So last night, went over to Vincent's place to help him move and decorate his new apartment. The 6 of us took a train and got off after 2stops. Walked down almost 3streets from the train station and finally reached his place. It's at South Yarra so it's kinda far i suppose. haha. Everyone kept complaining how far it was. We were walking UPHILL all the way. LOL. But it's exercise la, so okay loh. :)

Entered his place, SUPER SCARY! With bushes all around, and dark dark corridors, basic location setting for a simple basic scary movie plot. lol :p helped him arrange his room, fixed a few furnitures, and till 8:30pm we left for the city to have our dinner. 

After dinner, we deliberated for i think amost an hour and a half before finally deciding to go Karaoke! had tonnes of fun last night. Sang all the songs that we used to listen to when we were younger. haha. Adam Lambert's Mad World is seriously my faveeeee song for now!  :D
I LOVE Adam Lambert! Hope he wins American Idol.

Sang till 3am, and left for supper at Hawker's Cafe where i ordered my favourite Roti with Sugar. Super nice and very sugary :D Whilst eating, i experienced something i've never seen before in my entire life. Well not to such a big scale as that. I witnessed a public brawl just outside the cafe. A huge group of people were fighting outside the cafe, smashing beer bottles on the ground and pounding their fists onto another group of people. It was probably some gang fight. But i saw the bottle smashing and the guy was gonna bottle the other guy, i immediately wanted to call the police but i don't know why i didn't. Everything happened so fast, in a few seconds they were fighting past the shop and were out of sight. Everyone else in the cafe stood up and rushed to witness the scene as well. We don't know what happened to the fight, but we did see a few police cars passing by the cafe after a few minutes. So we're guessing someone must have already called the police and the fight had been stopped. That was a super scary scene and i was really thankful we weren't outside the shop at that time. Super scary!

Paid the bill and headed home straight after that.
Melbourne's weather's being a bitch! It's freaking cold, and it's not even winter yet.
Thursday morning was recorded to be the coldest autumn morning in Melbourne in 50years!
1 degree celcius! 

Gold Coast updates next week! :)

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