May 11, 2009

I've been asked by Nuffnang to keep this quite until the site was officially launched. And since today's the 11th of May, the official launch of this incredible awareness-raising website called Volunteering Unplugged, I am able to blog about it now. I willingly took part in this launch to help raise awareness about volunteering and helping others out. There were lots of other bloggers had also sent in their stories of their volunteering experience.

It is my honor to have been one of the few bloggers to have their stories posted up on their website. Do take a look at my volunteering experience during the BushFire incident that happend early February in Victoria. Take your time and read the other fellow bloggers and do instill the habit of helping people out whenever you can.

The link to my story:
Telethon Organized by the Australian Red Cross Society for the BushFire Appeal
(if you liked the story, do click the "I Liked This Story" button. Just click it even if you didn't like it :P )
There are loads of other bloggers' stories. Do take time to read all of them. They are pretty inspirational and very heartwarming stories.

Once again, the very inspirational website Volunteering Unplugged

the links to the other bloggers's blogs :)
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Audit Diva said...

Hi there,

Thanks for mentioning my blog, but my post on Volunteering Unplugged was removed after publication, as it did not 'align' with their objectives.

I thought I'd comment about it here in case people were wondering where my post was!

I was asked it I would like to 'tweak' it but I refused as the post I wrote was about my experience volunteering and I did not want to compromise my integrity just so I could be published.

All the best!

Michelle Cupcake McMuffin said...

To Audit Diva:

Hey, good on you for not heeding out their "requirements". It was wrong of them to ask you to tweak your story. But great that you made that decision! :)

Thank You.

Dave said...

Hey Michelle, great work with the Telethon Bush Fire Appeal! Thanks for sharing your story with Volunteer Unplugged. :)

Audit Diva: Unusual about the non-publication. I'll follow up with them to see what happened.

Thanks again Michelle for participating and for your help! :)

Nuffnang Australia

Dave said...

Just noticed it's been sorted with Audit Diva! :)