May 3, 2009

I was in my super cam-whoring moment last night :p
Mainly because i got ready and had to wait for friends for super long,
so in order for the wait to be less boring and sleepy,
i cam-whored, a whole lot! :D
i am not able to post it up now, but do expect the following entries to have lots of pictures.
I will upload some now. 
Oh, and I'm seriously loving my iMac now, everything's so fast,
there are no lagging episodes, no sudden hang-times, no sudden restarts,
and there is huge loads of space!
okay I find this post very useless and totally random.

LOL! My fringe is a mess, but i love my nose here! :) The wonders of angles!

OH! I wanna thank my very good friend, HuaYu, for helping me with my iMac and helping to convert it into both PC and Mac. Thank You!! :)
I can now play L4D on my huge ass iMac! woohooo~!
But it's also abiit pointless cuz i'll be playing by my own =.= 

And i am also super in love with Twitter! Please do get an account and follow me to know all the recent updates. Even if i do not update here, i will definitely update my Twitter, so therefore, you guys should follow me!

And if any of you were wondering, 
I'm wearing Geo Wing Brown in those pictures. My other colored contacts have passed their expiry and so i decided to open a new one. I'm loving how natural it looks and it matches my hair and eyebrows perfectly :D

Head on down to I-GEO.BLOGSPOT.COM to get awesome bargains.

I shall stop here for now,
gotta go study Japanese! Do check back for Gold Coast updates and more pictures! :)


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Jack said...

look so cute..^^