May 30, 2009

I seriously love this picture! It makes my nose look sharp and high :D
something in which i do not have in real life! :(
maybe that's why i look better in pictures and really sucky and shitty in real life!
which is really saddening. haha.

well, this was taken in the school library BEFORE i cut my own fringe! and which is now terribly short and fugly!
i gotta like clip all my hair up.
but i just finished writing an entry in my Xanga
and just decided to add another entry here too.

well, i got a full day ahead tomorrow,
with dim sum plans, shopping, and basically everything else other than studying! i'm gonna enjoy this much needed break for as long as i can, till my next assignment needs to be rushed.
This time, it's a 2A3 sized poster on my virtual kiosk model that i designed few weeks ago. oh my! and it's worth 40%. so i gotta get good grades for this!
wish me luck peeps! i really need it!

goodnight world!

1 comment:

bear said...

u cut ur hair? and its 2 A1 sheets not A3... dun do wrongly..