May 10, 2009


To the bestest mom who makes the greatest Beef Stew ever, I Love You! and i wish you a Happy Mother's Day! :D How i wish i was working and making my own money now, so i can buy my mom a gift that she so very much deserves, like a holiday at the Bahamas, or a shopping spree in Japan or the countless number of pretty designer bags and basically all the stuff that my mom loves! I really wish i could give that to her, that's basically the ultimate aim in my life, to study hard, and get a good-paying job to earn lots of money so i can repay my parents for all the love they have given me. I love my mother so so so much! Yes there are times when we quarrel, who doesn't? But it's the post-quarrels that forever make me realize just how very much i love my mom, because everytime after the quarrel, i'll feel super guilty and will always try to make it up to her. So for all those hard times i've put you through, I'm sorry mommy! Hope you liked the flowers me and Melissa sent to you. Because to us, you are just as pretty as those beautiful bouquet of flowers. Very warm, gentle and forever sweet smelling. For all the wonderful and noble things you have done for us, thank you. 
I Love You mommy!! :)

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SK said...

I'm sure knowing that you appreciate your mother is a better gift that a trip to the Bahamas!