May 5, 2009

Finally i've got my internet connection back, and all Gold Coast pictures from everyone's camera is finally transferred and tagged up on Facebook.
(Don't bother trying to find the pics, it's privated to only friends.)

I'm still super pleased with my new computer, and it's amazingly superb fast speed that allows me to do my work. I love how huge the screen is that i do not have to keep dragging my sketchups around to be in view point. Although there are certain flaws, like how i can't use my Adobe Photoshop on my Mac anymore, so i can't edit any of my photos :(
All i got is the iPhoto, which just isn't the same with Photoshop. But other than that, i love my comp :)

Yesterday was my Japanese Listening test, i'm very happy and pleased with myself because i listened to the provided audio cds, and the audio came out exactly that, just a few differences in the dialogues. HOWEVER! the stupid answers were super misleading, i hope they don't mark me wrong for like stupid answers. For example, in the tape, it says that the apartment is near the train station, and that the restaurant is near the train station. so logically thinking, the restaurant should be near the apartment too yea? But it was not stated in the dialogue, AND in the instructions part, it stated that if anything that was not mentioned in the audio, just put F so this confused me alot! I actually put TRUE (T) but after reading the bladdy instructions, i put FALSE (F) damn! I hope i don't get that wrong.
There are lots of other questions that are like that. So mommy! please don't blame me if i get a few wrong! :(

Finally almost every assignment is due again. I've got my Constructing Environments Virtual Bridge assignment due this Friday, and becase i've got an extension for my virtual assignment thanks to my disgusting viral allergy, my Virtual Environments Kiosk Model is due 15th May, which is next Friday. I've got an extra 5days for my extension. THANK GOD! Otherwise i seriously think i'm gonna struggle. Well, my exams are coming and it's from the 10th June till 23rd June. I've only got 3papers. Lucky me :)
Well, gotta do my Constructing Env. now. Tonnes of videos of listening to Mr J. Bleaney talking and giving instructions on how to create the kiosk model on Sketch Up. haha.

Hearts! <3 br="">