May 4, 2009

01:00pm, just finished studying and listening to all the Japanese audio CD.
and I'm now taking a break before i take a shower and get ready for school.
I'm super scared about the listening test. Afraid the audio would be speaking too fast.
But, although it's hard, I'm really happy that one whole night of studying has actually helped me read Japanese so much quicker and i actually understand what I'm reading!
Fascinating! hahahaha :D

Please pray for me that I'll do well!
It's worth 20% of my overall marks. There are only 4questions, the test only takes like i think 30minutes. haha.

Today's weather is relatively nice :)
Not too cold, nor too hot. Nice to wear my other leather jacket that's suitable for spring-ish weather. haha. OH wait, on second thought, the view of the city from my window is totally foggy! LOL :P i guess it isn't thaat nice. lol.

well, will be going up to Monash University later for my sister's friend's honorary award ceremony thingy. Hopefully I'll remember to take some photos.

Cheers :)