May 30, 2009

I seriously love this picture! It makes my nose look sharp and high :D
something in which i do not have in real life! :(
maybe that's why i look better in pictures and really sucky and shitty in real life!
which is really saddening. haha.

well, this was taken in the school library BEFORE i cut my own fringe! and which is now terribly short and fugly!
i gotta like clip all my hair up.
but i just finished writing an entry in my Xanga
and just decided to add another entry here too.

well, i got a full day ahead tomorrow,
with dim sum plans, shopping, and basically everything else other than studying! i'm gonna enjoy this much needed break for as long as i can, till my next assignment needs to be rushed.
This time, it's a 2A3 sized poster on my virtual kiosk model that i designed few weeks ago. oh my! and it's worth 40%. so i gotta get good grades for this!
wish me luck peeps! i really need it!

goodnight world!

May 24, 2009

Super old pic, that's Phoebe and Me in 2007 :)

For the next couple of weeks,
I'll most probably be updating less frequently,
as all of my assignments are due these coming few weeks,
plus! my exams are just around the corner.
another 3weeks to be exact.

I'll end with my last paper on the 23rd!
and after that, HOLIDAYS!
Not gonna tell you what i'm doing for my holidays yet,
will let you guys know soon :P

for now, another piece of information for you readers,
I am gonna update at both blogs,
My Xanga and this Blogspot
to find out which blogging website I will finally stick to
LOL! I'm fickle fickle fickle XD
so do check BOTH blogs for updates

New entry in my Xanga blog.

May 14, 2009

Stress and Boredom leads to cam-whore sessions with PHOTO BOOTH! 

I love Mac's camera, it's clear! And it makes me look fair! lol
what more can a girl ask for in a camera?

Wanna know how I look with an extremely large head?

k, back to assignments!

Yep! I went paintball!
I went paintball last year as well, and I, luckily, did NOT get shot at all :)
HOWEVER, this time, I was not so lucky!
Maybe cause I was much more active, and much more engaged into the game tasks and objectives more. Obviously not to the extent where i rushed in at every game and shooting like a mad woman. Just that, instead of hiding always behind some barricade or box or hut, I actually moved from place to place, shooting people. And i must say, I'm proud of myself that i actually shot out a few people from the opposing team :)
This was Amy's first time at paintball in Australia, and I'm glad i invited her along, a really nice experience to share with her! haha. I hoped she enjoyed the experience as much as I did with her :D
We were randomly allocated teams, and I was on the BLUE team with my sister and a few other of my friends, Amy got separated and placed in the RED team, along with Wymun and HuaYu, I knew they'd take care of her, so I wasn't that worried.
Well, all in all, paintball this time was super fun!
I got shot:
= 6HITS!
And the most terrible thing was, I got ALL these shots, when i was SURRENDERING during the last game :(
And what's even more funny, is the possibility that my shooter was actually in fact my SISTER!! Lol! Imagine that, getting shot by your own sister. hahaha.

Amy and me! (look how petite i am! T_T)

My sister and me!

The whole group, after paintball. See the red vests? They're the Red team.
Awesome fun, friends! :)

And now, totally random!

haha :) beat that people!

Went for Adrina's birthday celebration last night at Golden Monkey.
Will update about that later, gotta do my work. Will take a break in 2hours, and then update on that :)

May 11, 2009

I've been asked by Nuffnang to keep this quite until the site was officially launched. And since today's the 11th of May, the official launch of this incredible awareness-raising website called Volunteering Unplugged, I am able to blog about it now. I willingly took part in this launch to help raise awareness about volunteering and helping others out. There were lots of other bloggers had also sent in their stories of their volunteering experience.

It is my honor to have been one of the few bloggers to have their stories posted up on their website. Do take a look at my volunteering experience during the BushFire incident that happend early February in Victoria. Take your time and read the other fellow bloggers and do instill the habit of helping people out whenever you can.

The link to my story:
Telethon Organized by the Australian Red Cross Society for the BushFire Appeal
(if you liked the story, do click the "I Liked This Story" button. Just click it even if you didn't like it :P )
There are loads of other bloggers' stories. Do take time to read all of them. They are pretty inspirational and very heartwarming stories.

Once again, the very inspirational website Volunteering Unplugged

the links to the other bloggers's blogs :)
Life in Mono , Firebug Theme , Miss McMuffin , Autumn Leaves , , Sheila’s Wonderings , The life of an Audit Diva , Adspace-Pioneers , Servant of Chaos , Corporate Engagement , Wonderwebby , Consumer Psychologist , Imaginif

May 10, 2009


To the bestest mom who makes the greatest Beef Stew ever, I Love You! and i wish you a Happy Mother's Day! :D How i wish i was working and making my own money now, so i can buy my mom a gift that she so very much deserves, like a holiday at the Bahamas, or a shopping spree in Japan or the countless number of pretty designer bags and basically all the stuff that my mom loves! I really wish i could give that to her, that's basically the ultimate aim in my life, to study hard, and get a good-paying job to earn lots of money so i can repay my parents for all the love they have given me. I love my mother so so so much! Yes there are times when we quarrel, who doesn't? But it's the post-quarrels that forever make me realize just how very much i love my mom, because everytime after the quarrel, i'll feel super guilty and will always try to make it up to her. So for all those hard times i've put you through, I'm sorry mommy! Hope you liked the flowers me and Melissa sent to you. Because to us, you are just as pretty as those beautiful bouquet of flowers. Very warm, gentle and forever sweet smelling. For all the wonderful and noble things you have done for us, thank you. 
I Love You mommy!! :)

May 8, 2009

Ashley and Me taken last year, 2008.

My friend, Ashley, just bought a new puppy!
It's a malteze mixed shih-tzu !!
Super cute! I wanna play with her dog!
It's a male and he's called SUBI!
haha, kinda gay for a guy, but anyway, it's still cute!
anyway, this is just a short upate,
i'm going to get ready for school now!

p/s: i'm currently addicted to this highly-addictive game called, RESTAURANT CITY!! :)

May 5, 2009

Finally i've got my internet connection back, and all Gold Coast pictures from everyone's camera is finally transferred and tagged up on Facebook.
(Don't bother trying to find the pics, it's privated to only friends.)

I'm still super pleased with my new computer, and it's amazingly superb fast speed that allows me to do my work. I love how huge the screen is that i do not have to keep dragging my sketchups around to be in view point. Although there are certain flaws, like how i can't use my Adobe Photoshop on my Mac anymore, so i can't edit any of my photos :(
All i got is the iPhoto, which just isn't the same with Photoshop. But other than that, i love my comp :)

Yesterday was my Japanese Listening test, i'm very happy and pleased with myself because i listened to the provided audio cds, and the audio came out exactly that, just a few differences in the dialogues. HOWEVER! the stupid answers were super misleading, i hope they don't mark me wrong for like stupid answers. For example, in the tape, it says that the apartment is near the train station, and that the restaurant is near the train station. so logically thinking, the restaurant should be near the apartment too yea? But it was not stated in the dialogue, AND in the instructions part, it stated that if anything that was not mentioned in the audio, just put F so this confused me alot! I actually put TRUE (T) but after reading the bladdy instructions, i put FALSE (F) damn! I hope i don't get that wrong.
There are lots of other questions that are like that. So mommy! please don't blame me if i get a few wrong! :(

Finally almost every assignment is due again. I've got my Constructing Environments Virtual Bridge assignment due this Friday, and becase i've got an extension for my virtual assignment thanks to my disgusting viral allergy, my Virtual Environments Kiosk Model is due 15th May, which is next Friday. I've got an extra 5days for my extension. THANK GOD! Otherwise i seriously think i'm gonna struggle. Well, my exams are coming and it's from the 10th June till 23rd June. I've only got 3papers. Lucky me :)
Well, gotta do my Constructing Env. now. Tonnes of videos of listening to Mr J. Bleaney talking and giving instructions on how to create the kiosk model on Sketch Up. haha.

Hearts! <3 br="">

May 4, 2009

01:00pm, just finished studying and listening to all the Japanese audio CD.
and I'm now taking a break before i take a shower and get ready for school.
I'm super scared about the listening test. Afraid the audio would be speaking too fast.
But, although it's hard, I'm really happy that one whole night of studying has actually helped me read Japanese so much quicker and i actually understand what I'm reading!
Fascinating! hahahaha :D

Please pray for me that I'll do well!
It's worth 20% of my overall marks. There are only 4questions, the test only takes like i think 30minutes. haha.

Today's weather is relatively nice :)
Not too cold, nor too hot. Nice to wear my other leather jacket that's suitable for spring-ish weather. haha. OH wait, on second thought, the view of the city from my window is totally foggy! LOL :P i guess it isn't thaat nice. lol.

well, will be going up to Monash University later for my sister's friend's honorary award ceremony thingy. Hopefully I'll remember to take some photos.

Cheers :)

May 3, 2009

I was in my super cam-whoring moment last night :p
Mainly because i got ready and had to wait for friends for super long,
so in order for the wait to be less boring and sleepy,
i cam-whored, a whole lot! :D
i am not able to post it up now, but do expect the following entries to have lots of pictures.
I will upload some now. 
Oh, and I'm seriously loving my iMac now, everything's so fast,
there are no lagging episodes, no sudden hang-times, no sudden restarts,
and there is huge loads of space!
okay I find this post very useless and totally random.

LOL! My fringe is a mess, but i love my nose here! :) The wonders of angles!

OH! I wanna thank my very good friend, HuaYu, for helping me with my iMac and helping to convert it into both PC and Mac. Thank You!! :)
I can now play L4D on my huge ass iMac! woohooo~!
But it's also abiit pointless cuz i'll be playing by my own =.= 

And i am also super in love with Twitter! Please do get an account and follow me to know all the recent updates. Even if i do not update here, i will definitely update my Twitter, so therefore, you guys should follow me!

And if any of you were wondering, 
I'm wearing Geo Wing Brown in those pictures. My other colored contacts have passed their expiry and so i decided to open a new one. I'm loving how natural it looks and it matches my hair and eyebrows perfectly :D

Head on down to I-GEO.BLOGSPOT.COM to get awesome bargains.

I shall stop here for now,
gotta go study Japanese! Do check back for Gold Coast updates and more pictures! :)


May 2, 2009

My internet bandwidth speed hasn't return yet, and i am still slugging out with super slow internet speed. Just to upload one picture it takes like 45minutes. omg! I cannot stand BigPond, i seriously wanna cancel the bladdy contract. But we can't because it's a 24month contract, and if we cancel, we gotta pay a fee of $250AUD! That's like almost close to RM600!

So last night, went over to Vincent's place to help him move and decorate his new apartment. The 6 of us took a train and got off after 2stops. Walked down almost 3streets from the train station and finally reached his place. It's at South Yarra so it's kinda far i suppose. haha. Everyone kept complaining how far it was. We were walking UPHILL all the way. LOL. But it's exercise la, so okay loh. :)

Entered his place, SUPER SCARY! With bushes all around, and dark dark corridors, basic location setting for a simple basic scary movie plot. lol :p helped him arrange his room, fixed a few furnitures, and till 8:30pm we left for the city to have our dinner. 

After dinner, we deliberated for i think amost an hour and a half before finally deciding to go Karaoke! had tonnes of fun last night. Sang all the songs that we used to listen to when we were younger. haha. Adam Lambert's Mad World is seriously my faveeeee song for now!  :D
I LOVE Adam Lambert! Hope he wins American Idol.

Sang till 3am, and left for supper at Hawker's Cafe where i ordered my favourite Roti with Sugar. Super nice and very sugary :D Whilst eating, i experienced something i've never seen before in my entire life. Well not to such a big scale as that. I witnessed a public brawl just outside the cafe. A huge group of people were fighting outside the cafe, smashing beer bottles on the ground and pounding their fists onto another group of people. It was probably some gang fight. But i saw the bottle smashing and the guy was gonna bottle the other guy, i immediately wanted to call the police but i don't know why i didn't. Everything happened so fast, in a few seconds they were fighting past the shop and were out of sight. Everyone else in the cafe stood up and rushed to witness the scene as well. We don't know what happened to the fight, but we did see a few police cars passing by the cafe after a few minutes. So we're guessing someone must have already called the police and the fight had been stopped. That was a super scary scene and i was really thankful we weren't outside the shop at that time. Super scary!

Paid the bill and headed home straight after that.
Melbourne's weather's being a bitch! It's freaking cold, and it's not even winter yet.
Thursday morning was recorded to be the coldest autumn morning in Melbourne in 50years!
1 degree celcius! 

Gold Coast updates next week! :)

p/s: follow me on Twitter. Sign up and follow me now! :D