April 23, 2009

Miss McMuffin's First Post :)

Oh no! I have done a very bad thing.
I'm actually contemplating moving blogs again.

Xanga is really fine, and i love it and all, but i have 
problems editing it using my Safari webpage.
Like for example, if i wanted to add smileys or
pictures into my weblog, i gotta copy the link and
paste it into the html section, which takes alot of

All this hassle, because I might be getting a new Mac (:
So i think this blog might actually really become my new blogging site.
I feel like i'm betraying Xanga! ):
I've only been there for 4 months?
I have actually another blogger ID which i used to use back when i was in primary school,
not sure if anyone remembers, i was known, back then, as "Rainbow Painter"
haha. inspired by my blog skin theme at that time.

Now, I'm Miss McMuffin! :D
I have been dubbed that by my friends here in Melbourne,
I think the reason for that is obvious enough, because i've got a MUFFIN TOP!
haha, but i love the name though, it sounds cute :)
Thanks Hua Yu for giving me that name. 
Although i hate being called fat, but i find the name cute :)

so yea, gonna sleep now,
for i'm filled with red rashes all over body
and i have a swollen red face and eyes too. haha.
i'm a pretty messed up muffin. ):
well, goodnight peeps :)
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